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Christian Nielsen, a young producer from Denmark, has recently been making waves on Jesse Rose’s imprints Play It Down and A-SIDED, spoke to us on the eve of his latest single “What You Thinking?” being released. A producer that expertly blurs the lines between house and techno, oft seen in the combination of vocal hooks with blistering techno drives, Christian is definitely cornering his niche sound. “What You Thinking?” is a progression on this, finely balanced and ready for the floor. And with additional releases and remixes on the likes of Glasgow Underground, Moon Harbour, 8bit, and Toolroom, he’s surely making his rounds in the underground scene. We’re excited for what’s to come from Christian, but in the mean time check out “What You Thinking?” and get to know more about the Copenhagen producer in the interview below.

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2015. What a time to be alive. The DJ scene has never been more diverse, and through it there’s been many individuals who have become the creme de la creme of what (I personally believe) defines sexy. But on what criteria does GDD (or more specifically, myself) quantify as a “sexy DJ?” I mean, Merriam Webster defines sexy as “generally attractive or exciting.” So there we go. They’ve all uniquely provided their own exciting and memorable contributions to the musical world this year, they’re all fascinating, multi-faceted and enjoyable humans, they’re all obviously pretty nice to look at, and they all work the HELL out of whatever decks they’re playing on. Here are GottaDanceDirty’s Sexiest DJs of 2015:


No doubt one of the pioneers of the blistering combination of techno and rap, Brodinski’s never not held a spot in my (and undoubtedly thousands of others) list of sexy DJs. There’s something about Louis where everything he does seems effortlessly cool, a quintessential facet of sexiness. His first album Brava came out this year, he played with a pikachu kitten in a music video, and he is thrillingly entertaining as a DJ. Continually one of my favorites.


Blond:ish pretty much break every stereotype they may ever get placed against them. Across the board, they’re branded with labels, clubs, parties, accolades, and a sound that don’t generally get placed with a pair of good looking blonde best-friends. They’ve come to be a reputable pair whose combination of sultry and sarcastic, romantic and dark, carefree and thoughtful makes them a dynamic presence in the underground. The pair have innate sensibilities on how to get a room moving and perfectly match each others traits. Knowledgeable, fun-loving, inspired females? An easy pick.


There’s something innately attractive about an English man with a sense of humor. I don’t know a single human interested in men that isn’t down for that combo. I have a lot of time for funny British bros. Burns expertly walks the tightrope of an EDM-leaning sound without sounding too cheesy, generic, obnoxious, or plain idiotic. His DJ sets captivate everyone from the “I just wanna pop bottles at a table in Vegas” crowd to the hyper-critical “Please get me the fuck out of Vegas” (i.e.: me) crowd, he makes hilarious videos (watch his music video for “Make It Clap”), and he’s funny as hell.


Louisa is a very good DJ. Like, really good. So good in fact that the last time I saw her in her hometown in Paris she held a packed crowd chanting her name at Wanderlust until daylight broke. Louisa commands a powerful presence on stage, totally contrary to her goofy demeanor and online presence, which only makes fans (myself included) appreciate her more for these seemingly disjointed candors. It takes great skill to effectively tell a story in your DJ set in less than 2 hours without being obvious or in your face, and it’s a skill she has bounds of. An incredibly genuine character, and and more recently an official record label owner, Louisahhh is a gem that any person or place she’s a part of is very proud to have in their collection.


Nicolas Jaar is like the most tantalizingly intriguing DJ to watch. His DJ sets trace soft metaphorical fingertips over the crowd, slowly infecting a groove into your body that peaks at moments which make your hair stand on end and ever so subtly commandeer your brain into a mental state I can only describe as most relatable to really good foreplay. It’s surprising and quirky, and for someone who’s so young and almost foreign on a dance festival lineup the demand is incredibly high. There’s something incredibly romantic and mysterious in his sets and that along with his pale blue eyes are incredibly convincing to let him take you on whatever journey he wants.


Jamie xx clocks in right in the middle of this list as the most understated form of “sexy” I could begin to explain. Soft-spoken, simply dressed, and a self-acclaimed music nerd, Jamie xx’s appeal is unassuming in such an honest way that it’s extremely likable. From his unlikely collab with Young Thug and Popcaan, to the globally recognized success of In Colour, to really his DJ sets being by far my stand out favorites this year, Jamie’s gentle assurance and knowledgable curation are bonafide and intriguing traits.


Annie Mac gets impossibly better looking every day. I’m convinced she’s going to start literally glowing soon. One of the best curators of the game, she’s earned her rightful place at the helm of BBC Radio 1 this year. Her “Annie Mac Presents” series is a consistent chart-topper, and with a crate and sensibility as wicked as hers she really nails it in her DJ sets. Most fit mum ever. Go Annie.


Future’s DJ is indubitably having his best year ever. Esco started being virally discussed after a stint in Dubai jail (& following mixtape) and his legendary “Where Ya At?” cameo. His connection to what must be now one of the most infamous strip clubs in the world (Magic City on a Monday…) and sidekick presence to one of rap’s most prominent figures of the year have established him as a recognized name amongst rapper’s DJs. His unique sense of style and loyalty to Future are very much worth noting, I’m really looking forward to him carving his own niche next year.


Jackmaster is doing everything right. He’s got a phenomenal label, he is an insanely entertaining and talented DJ, he’s part of the best DJ supergroup ever, and he’s got a reputable presence the world over. I cannot say enough about how brilliantly unique he is to have that range of talents. Very few people pull it off as effortlessly and enjoyably as Jackmaster, and that’s what slams him right to the top of this list. Oh yeah and his heavy Scottish accent makes him by far my favorite person to run into at festivals.


What can I say about Anna Lunoe that would put her anywhere but #1 on this list? People fucking love Anna. She’s just this gorgeous, humble, hard-working, kind, talented, fun, curious creature that has garnered a reputation for herself off of being that fucking cool. In the wave of “female DJ” thinkpieces and general complaints, she remained the most level-headed, amongst the divide between “EDM” and “underground” she’s remained a faithful and unbiased champion of both, she’s sexy in her knee pads and t-shirt, she’s got her own show on Beats 1, a brilliant brand (of which we’ll see more of in 2015) HYPER HOUSE… I don’t need to say much more. If you know about Anna Lunoe, she’s undeniably #1.

It was not easy to narrow the above list to 10. So, since I’m nice and it’s worth noting a few more people who gave their own incredibly unique contributions to what I felt corroborated my definition of sexy DJ, here’s the 10 “Sexiest DJ” honorable mentions in no particular order:
Detroit Swindle
Jimmy Edgar
Danny Daze
Loco Dice
Calvin Harris
Seven Davis Jr
DJ Dodger Stadium

Happy 2015. Stay sexy.


The first of Fabric’s legendary FABRICLIVE compilation series for 2016 was announced this week and at the helm is none other than house-music stalwart and general good dude Jesse Rose. It’s been a rollercoaster year for Jesse, with a new label A-SIDED now in effect, a seemingly endless tour schedule, an induction into BBC Radio 1’s Hall of Fame, and a particular low point when the majority of his belongings were stolen in Ibiza this summer. But somehow, in-between gathering back the pieces and traversing the globe on tour, he’s put together and mixed FABRICLIVE 85, set to release early next year on January 22nd 2016.

The lead single from the compilation sees Jesse collaborating with the talented vocalist and fellow producer Seven Davis Jr. “It’s Not Over” glistens with late-night feels, a musical and literal encouragement to keep doing… whatever it is you’re doing towards the end of the night ;).

Of course, “It’s Not Over” sees itself nestled between some true house classics along with a good flavoring of tracks from Jesse’s label imprints. There’s Henrik Schwarz’s “Leave My Head Alone Brain” all the way to a remix of Mathias Kaden from STAYGOLD, which is Jesse’s newly formed collaborative effort with Junior Sanchez.

You can read more about the Fabriclive 85 release HERE.


Jesse Rose has been at the forefront of the ever-expanding electronic scene, championing house and DJing around the world for ten years now. The success of his breakout single “Asided” in 2005 saw him gain global accreditation, and over the years he’s released hundreds of tracks, kickstarted House’s integral part of Berlin’s famous Panorama Bar, opened four record labels, produced the likes of Hot Chip to Chiddy Bang, remixed everyone from Metronomy to Childish Gambino, and DJ-ed damn near every one of the world’s greatest clubs.

So, naturally, being the timely persons we are, when we saw he was deep in the middle of a worldwide tour following the start of his fourth and latest imprint, A-SIDED, we couldn’t help but want to catch up for an interview. Keep reading for Jesse’s updates on the label fronts, his savvy travel tips, life in Ibiza residencies, and more.

Jesse’s latest release comes from the legendary Alex Gopher in the form of a remix for his last single “Touch ‘N’ Tease” and came out just last week on his own A-SIDED. Also worth checking his clever remix of Childish Gambino’s “Telegraph Ave”

Doesn’t get more LA than a fluid and bouncy remix of a Rihanna single from a yet-to-be-known producer. So here we are, ready to be blasted from car stereos with the windows down. Little known about Young Prince as of yet, other than he’s purposefully anonymous and residing somewhere in the depths of Los Angeles county. Rihanna’s single is booming – a stomping, in-your-face announcement rather fitting as a lead single for a new album, especially our darling bold RiRi. Somehow, Young Prince strips things to a shinier place, literally flooding the production with dripping synths. Normally something so esoteric isn’t necessarily assertive, yet Young Prince sonically delivers something that commands your ears and the room, stripping none of the booming energy from the original whilst shifting the mood and aesthetic to an entirely different place.

Intrigued to see what’s next from this mystery producer, I imagine it’s going to be good if you kick off with an official Rihanna remix….

Follow Young Prince on Twitter here: @thisyoungprince


Jesse Rose is not new to the label game. After initiating his first label Front Room over 10 years ago, he’s since seen the growth of two more labels: Made To Play and Play It Down. With Made To Play being a major facet during the 2009-2010 era of “fidget house” (as well as the home to REAL tropical house like Round Table Knights’ “Calypso”) and Play It Down making a name for itself amongst underground kingpins like Oliver Dollar, Davide Squillace, Matthias Tanzmann, Guti and more, you would think Jesse Rose would lie comfortably amongst his multitude of successes. But this is not the case, and now we see him restlessly launching his newest label venture: A-Sided. After announcing just over a week ago, we already know the first release is coming in the form of a collab between himself and Claude VonStroke, there’s two launch parties coming up in Los Angeles and Miami, and things are moving quickly.

We’re proud to be a part of the label’s launch party in Miami this year, a daytime jaunt with a stacked lineup of some of house music’s most highly-regarded heavyweights. Jesse Rose and Claude VonStroke will be doing an exclusive back-to-back set, and joining them are Junior Sanchez as his A-Sided pseudonym IMIURU, Roger Sanchez as S-Man, Oliver Dollar, Ardalan, Christian Nielsen, Brillstein and special guests.


Gotta Dance Dirty will be holding an exclusive contest for a chance to win up to 5 guestlist spots for you and your friends, as well as a line of tequila shots for all of you to be shared with Jesse Rose and Claude Vonstroke. All you have to do is tag your friends in the comments and we’ll pick a winner by Friday, March 20th.

Don’t forget you can also see A-Sided’s launch in Los Angeles on Friday at the infamous RHONDA party, and stay posted on the label’s Facebook and Twitter to get further announcements.

See you on the dancefloor.

Ah, major label obligations… oft at the helm of a musician’s frustration. But leave it to a man like Jesse Rose to channel his frustrations, whatever they may be, into something productive. Here we have “Play That” a brand new tune which the Brit-turned-LA resident has managed to turn over and release in under 24 hours. Says Jesse of the tune:

Yesterday at around 2pm I was getting so frustrated that I haven’t released a track in such a long time because of a major label deal being negotiated, that I thought “Fuck it, I’m going to the studio and making a track today just for my fans and then upload it in the morning.” I gotta say…. it was a lot of fun to do.

You can listen to and download the track on Soundcloud below, and be sure to follow him on Twitter and Instagram for any other cool stuff he might want to give away…

Sweater Beats is back on the viral Soundcloud tip – this time with a redux of Kimbra’s 2011 smoker “Settle Down”. Stripping down the jazzy tendencies in the track for a more sweeping and eclectic ambiance, Sweater Beats sticks to his production roots while still making Kimbra’s vocals really shine on the track – a feature often masked in remixes and bootlegs. Her unique voice sits high above the scattered drum varients and tingling piano work that with all their unique sequencing has an almost orchestral vibe to it.

So, go on tour with Chance The Rapper, play a dope remix in your sets, and get shit popping. Well done, SB.

If you know your arm from your leg in the house music scene, undoubtedly the names Jesse Rose and Oliver Dollar ring a few key bells in your head. Hopefully not your ears, that would be tinnitus. Anyway. Jesse’s home base label Play It Down has long been a supporter for Oliver Dollar’s tracks, from the underground smash “Doin Ya Thang” to the aptly-titled “Tool Kit EP”.

Recently, we’ve seen the two come together on Oliver Dollar’s latest hit “Pushing On” – where Jesse supplied a piano-full remix. But now there’s something entirely bigger that the two have put their face on (quite literally): the COMMUNITY compilation. The first ever compilation from the label, COMMUNITY encompasses nearly all of the Play It Down roster, with brand new tracks from the likes of Ninetoes, Brillstein, Prince Club, DOC:HOOK (which is the wonderful collaborative effort between Doc Daneeka and Nick Hook).

You can stream the new compilation in full above, as well as watch a very funny video below where the two friends interview each other on a sunny patio in Ibiza.

Let me preface this by saying I fucking love Doc Daneeka. There is not a track he’s made I don’t like. As for Seven Davis Jr, “One” is an absolute GEM and I mean first “related track” that comes up on YouTube is “Deep Burnt” so you know dude is special.

The two have come together for the new single “What’s It Gonna Be?” from Daneeka’s new EP From Mine To Mistress . The single is precisely what makes the two of them so special, it’s a truly amazing collaborative effort. Doc Daneeka’s banging drums and combination of dark and light in chord progression along with SDJr’s soulful softness leave you all sorts of tingly in all the right ways. The video is just as good as the song, where Seven gets to exploit his weirdness and Doc Daneeka subtly makes his presence known by small interactions between the various worlds contained in the video. Oh, and there’s a very fun guest appearance from XXXY’s cat, why not really?

Doc Daneeka’s From Mine To Mistress EP comes out on Ten Thousand Yen on November 11th and contains four tracks. Preorder FMTM EP on iTunes