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Queens, NY producer Dart Party is releasing a new single today on the recently formed Crazy Heart Records (founded by fellow New Yorkers Ghost Beach).  The track is titled “Going My Way” & the sound perfectly captures the spirit of the label.  It contains elements of Disco, House & Electro done with gritty, New York style.  The production is crisp & polished but the attitude is bold & retro.  Before Disco got all soft & bubbly post-2010, artists like Grum, Lifelike & Yuksek were championing an edgy brand of Disco that defined the coolness of that glorious Bloghaus era (circa 2009/10).  Dart Party carries that same attitude into the present day with his own brand of cool on “Going My Way”.  If you like your dance floor songs served with some attitude, then get on board with Dart Party.

“Going My Way” is out TODAY via Crazy Heart Records. [iTunes]



Today marks the beginning of a marvelous Fall season for LA (by way of Virginia) quartet Mansions on the Moon: their Fall tour is kicking off in LA, their new self-titled album is being released, AND…it’s Taco Tuesday.  If that’s not the Tuesday to end all Tuesdays, then I don’t know what is.

Mansions on the Moon’s self-titled album is filled with their signature brand of synth-fueled, dreamy pop songs & glossy dance tunes that will no doubt make for a high energy, fun-filled live show.  So brace yourself, America – Mansions on the Moon are about to blast off.




What more can we say about our man Figgy?  We’re on board with everything he does, so not only are we thrilled that his new EP “Missing You” came out this week, we’re also proud of & happy for the man himself for releasing the EP on his very own label, Cut & Dry.  The EP is everything we’ve come to expect (and love) from Figgy.  It’s four wonderful tracks filled with his trademark sound: multi-layered, rich, soulful tracks at a cruising speed no higher than 115bpm.

Get on board with the “Missing You” EP.



oriel poole

Judging by the lyrics of her new song “Foothills”, LA chanteuse Oriel Poole is a woman inspired by many aspects of life who isn’t afraid to go after what she wants.

“Life is worth the take
Make no time to waste
Challenges I face learning to create

Start from the heart, let my dreams make the rules
Let my soul shed the sound, so sensual
Wrapped up in love, it’s a bond I can’t break
A pathway only beauty awaits.”

Oriel Poole has only been producing music for two years but the mature, self-reflective qualities of her lyrics & arrangements, coupled with the veteran craftsmanship of co-producer Max Savage, take “Foothills” into similar territory as current Electro Soul heavy hitters like AlunaGeorge, London Grammar & Sia.  Oriel Poole’s hardworking, grassroots approach to making music appear to have given her a creative edge.  She’s a self taught producer who has raised her own money to produce an EP & build her brand.  And that confidence in herself as an artist shines through in her music.  The enticing Electro Soul sound of “Foothills” is MAGNETIC.

Her debut EP “Sunday” will be out in early 2015.



Julia Kwamya, aka GERMANS, is a well traveled artist living in Brooklyn, whose moody brand of Disco pairs perfectly with the style & sound of New York in the Fall.  It’s a sound that is nostalgic but forward thinking.  To help capture this sound on the GERMANS‘ 2013 tracks “Cruel” & “Wonderhow“, former Pains of Being Pure at Heart band member Kurt Feldman was enlisted to produce.  The results were heavenly, the melodies were out of this world and admiration had begun to soar.  This admiration included Dutch disco producer Auxiliary tha Masterfader (no stranger to us here at GDD).  Back in 2013, he linked up with Julia via SoundCloud & asked her if he could remix “Cruel”.  She said yes.  He remixed the song.  And the sounds of Brooklyn & Amsterdam collided.  Fast forward to present day and the two are back at it again.  With the signature warm synthesizer sound of Auxiliary tha Masterfader coupled with the other-worldly, moody melodies of GERMANS, this remix of “Wonderhow” will no doubt get some major feels going.  The sound of Fall is here and it’s FREE to download.

Catch GERMANS live alongside French Horn Rebellion & AYER on October 17th at Glasslands Gallery.  BUY TICKETS



New York City concert goers, you are in for a treat.  The concert app Jukely, a social concert discovery/recommendation service, is launching a fantastic new feature called Jukely Unlimited.  For only $25 a month, the feature allows music fans to attend an unlimited amount of concerts each month.  That’s right.  A small, fixed fee for unlimited use (and no penalties if you RSVP for a show & are unable to attend).  So far, 17 venues in NYC have partnered up with the service with more to come.  For many music lovers, whose constant frustration stems from not being able to afford ticket prices to multiple concerts every month, Jukely Unlimited is a godsend.

Jukely Unlimited will start off first in New York (and hopefully make its way out West).  Users can sign up now to be one of the first people to get access to this incredible new service:

So let’s just do a quick recap of the awesomeness of Jukely Unlimited:  Once you sign up for a request and are selected, you’ll pay a $25 monthly fee & will be able to RSVP to an unlimited amount of shows from the list of concerts you receive weekly via email.  Attendance will only be limited by availability.  Although the 17 participating venues are being kept a secret for now, you can bet the concerts available through Jukely Unlimited will be the highest of quality.  And that’s it!  New York City, your concert prayers have been answered – sign up for early access now!



Not too many producers have a remix resume like Stuart Price.  Whether it’s under his given name or his Jacques Lu Cont/Thin White Duke/Paper Faces monikers (to name a few), Mr. Price has put together some of dance music’s best remixes over the last 15+ years.  His stretch of remixes in 2002 to 2003 when he remixed Felix da Housecat, The Faint & Madonna b2b2b has to be considered one of the greatest ever.  Over a decade after that unparalleled stretch, he still has the magic touch delivering another finely crafted remix of London Grammar’s “If You Wait” under his Jacques Lu Cont alias.  In classic JLC style, he reels you in with pulsating beats & soaring vocals then elevates the energy levels for a heart racing, heart melting finish.

Euphoria levels: HIGH.


rave is king

Since it is technically a Thursday, what better song to do a throwback with than one of the biggest songs of the Bloghaus era: “Rave Is King” by Fukkk Offf.  Back in 2008, “Rave Is King” was dirtying up dance floors everywhere…whether it was a house party or an illegal warehouse, if you got a chance to chant the chorus to “Rave Is King” then your night was considered a success.  Fast forward to 2014 where excitement levels are electric as this Bloghaus classic gets revisited.  Fukkk Offf themselves offer up a sinister new re-edition of the track while Moonbootica, ModekaUtOdiDakT & PWNDTIAC each offer up 2014 versions of their own.  This motley group of gritty, sleazy, tripped out remixes has something for everyone.  IT’S ALCOHOL, DRUGS AND OVERDRIVE ALL OVER AGAIN.


“Rave Is King” Re-edition/Remixes are out now [BUY].



Figgy eases us back into the Fall season with “You Were Mine”, the first track off of his new EP “Missing You”.  ”You Were Mine” has that special kind of mysterious energy that somehow manages to keep you moving while still making you feel completely laid back.  This slow burner House/soulful Disco tune is sure to ignite your spark…it’s the perfect lead track to get your fire going for Figgy’s new EP.

The “Missing You” EP will be out later this Fall on Cut And Dry.



19 year old Londoner ETML burst onto the scene last year with his UK smash “Bind Me”.  Since then he’s gone on to work with dance legends Basement Jaxx on one of 2014′s biggest dance tracks, “Never Say Never”.  And today ETML is back with another smashing original titled “Too Late”.  ”Too Late” is classic orchestral Disco with a modern UK kick.  It’s sexy, souful + uplifting…the perfect weekend track.