GDD™ Morning Update: Visionquest, Ricardo Villalobos/Max Loderbauer, Jamie xx, Howling


Visionquest announce Ultraviolet I compilation
Ricardo Villalobos & Max Loderbauer to Collaborate on New Album
• Watch the Video for Jamie xx‘s ‘Gosh’
Howling Unveil Video For ‘Stole The Night’


Visionquest announce Ultraviolet I compilation

Visionquest are gearing up to release a three-disc compilation called Ultraviolet I, due out in June. 

The outfit, which these days comprises Shaun ReevesRyan Crosson and Lee Curtiss, has been together since 2011. The first two discs on Ultraviolet I pull together some of the label’s key tunes, with the likes of Benoit & Sergio, Maceo Plex, Laura Jones, Tale Of Us, Dinky, Guy Gerber, Ewan Pearson and Henrick Schwarz all featuring. The third disc is given over to “Laterna Magika,” a 17-track selection of Visionquest material mixed by respected selector DJ Three

The Visionquest trio will all spin at London’s Studio 338 on Sunday, May 3rd. Tickets are available on RA

01. Benoit & Sergio – Walk & Talk
02. Footprintz – Utopia (Ewan Pearson The Tale Of Bolo Brown Re-Trip)
03. Lee Curtiss featuring Debbie Rennalds – Body Twitch
04. Lauren Lane featuring Jaw – Lazer Eyez
05. Maceo Plex – Fallin’
06. Eric Volta & Sebastian Voigt featuring Forrest – Words and Chance
07. Wareika featuring Derek Kammm – Madame Scorpion (Henrick Schwarz Remix)
08. Dinky – Falling Angel (Matthew Styles Remix)
09. Laura Jones – Let Me In
10. Alex Delano & Shaun Reeves featuring Charlotte Carter-Allen – The Breeze
11. Tale Of Us – Dark Song

01. Dinky – Blind (Prins Thomas Diskomiks)
02. My Favorite Robot – Forest Fires
03. Qbeck featuring Julia Govor – Alice
04. Guy Gerber – The Mirror Game
05. Subb-an featuring Footprinz – Rain
06. Brett Johnson featuring Ellipsis – Move Power
07. Benoit & Sergio – Your Darkness
08. Rework – Touch
09. Chaim – Underwater
10. Clarian & Guy Gerber – Claire
11. Footprintz – Fear of Numbers (Leo Zero Remix)

CD3: DJ Three Laterna Magika Visionquest Mix
01. Quilla – A Million Broken Bikes (Three’s Villalobos & Reeves Edit)
02. Mirko Loko feat. Francesco Tristano – Timeline
03. Konrad Black – Trophic Cascade
04. Quilla – We All Have Shadow (Ryan Crosson Acid Blast Remix)
05. Pezzner – The Island Fantastic
06. Javier Orduna – Addicted Brains
07. Moreon & Baffa – Penzar (Deadbeat Remix)
08. Wareika feat. Derek Kamm – Madame Scorpion
09. Merveille & Crosson – The Day You Left
10. Butch – Om Namaha Shiva
11. Ryan Crosson & Tale Of Us – Angel
12. Rework – Any Other
13. Clarian – U
14. Dinky – Falling Angel (Pepe Bradock’s Detournement au Phlogiston)
15. Footprintz – Fear Of Numbers (Three’s Screwed UP Leo Zero Dub)
16. Riccardo Rizza – Clut
17. Shaun Reeves & Tuccillo – Seclusion

Visionquest will release Ultraviolet I in June 2015.

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Ricardo Villalobos & Max Loderbauer to Collaborate on New Album

Renowned Berlin-based producers Ricardo Villalobos and Max Loderbauer are collaborating on a new record, titled ‘Safe In Harbour’, which will be released on German label Perlon on June 15.

This is the first time the pair will release under the name Vilod, but isn’t the first time the duo have worked together, after releases including 2013’s ‘Turbo Sematic’ EP and 2011’s ‘Re: ECM’.

The news follows the announcement that Villalobos will release his first solo material of 2015 on Raum…music in Spring.

You can check out the tracklist to ‘Safe in Harbour’ below.

A1 Modern Hit Midget
A2 Safe In Harbour
B1 Mulpft
B2 Beefdes
C Zero
D1 Mosi Fud
D2 Surmansky Blow

(via Mixmag)


Watch the video for Jamie xx’s ‘Gosh’

Erik Wernquist has directed a clip for the bass-heavy tune, taken from the UK artist’s forthcoming debut album.

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Howling Unveil Video For Stole The Night

Ahead of the highly anticipated debut album Sacred Ground, Howling share the captivating video for Stole the Night.

In the words of RY X himself:

“Dugan and I always set out to capture the emotional essence of imagery in connection to music. In this ‘Stole the Night’ video we wanted to hold an open conversation about a few things… one was the concept of being ‘tamed’ by our current society… that we are all inherently wild and of the earth but are kept into belonging by the structures of our imposed ‘world’. Concrete and cereal, K-Mart and aesthetic importance of self. What if some of us better suit the wild. The earth. Belong more there, than within walls.

And the second thing we explored was the fragility of human psyche. My sister is quite heavily ‘schizophrenic’ by medical world standards and has struggled, as has our family, with it for more than 15 years. Though I have reason of heart to believe ‘Mental Illness’ can change with our perceptions of it. It is shown in many indigenous cultures that when someone the western world might label as ‘mentally ill’ is instead supported by the community and given purpose and love, the ‘imbalances’ soften and there is connection to human spirit and heart. Holding the mind in a more stable place.

When a great meditation teacher I know was asked about mental illness he said (paraphrased from memory) “we are all mentally ill. We can only see the degrees of how much we are by how much we hurt one another”.

So the video touches on a lot… but perhaps more than it needs to tell the exact story by narrative, it is the emotion of the struggle of what frees us, and what keeps us grounded. Of how relationship can serve and hinder. Of how our journey is not only of the realm in which we spend most of our time… in shopping malls and work places, but that also of nature, and even more so, that of the heart and mind.”