GDD™ Morning Update: Fort Romeau, GAPS, Underworld/Heller & Farley


• Listen to Fort Romeau‘s Upcoming LP for Ghostly
GAPS debut album arrives on Maya Jane Coles’s I/AM/ME label
Underworld and Heller & Farley Unite For Frankie Knuckles Tribute


Listen to Fort Romeau’s Upcoming LP for Ghostly

Earlier this year, Fort Romeau unveiled plans to release his debut LP, Insides,  via Ghostly, the label responsible for putting out two of his earliest 12″s back in 2013. The forthcoming record won’t see its official release until March 31, but all eight tracks have now been made available to stream in full. “I want[ed] to allow things to breathe and develop gradually over longer track lengths, rather than cram everything into four or five minutes,” the London producer says of the record, which reportedly escorts listeners “down misty corridors lined with supple synth pads, quietly thumping kicks, and elastic low-end sequences reinforced by an emotive confidence.” More complete details of Insides are posted here, and the album can be streamed in its entirety below courtesy of Hype Machine.

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GAPS debut album arrives on Maya Jane Coles’s I/AM/ME label


The debut album from Brighton duo GAPS will see release onMaya Jane Coles‘s I/AM/ME label on May 11th. 

In, Around The Moments is the first time Coles has brought outside talent into her label—until now it’s been an outlet for her own music. GAPS, AKA Rachel Butt and Ed Critchley, have a couple of previous EPs to their name, including a collaborative effort with Coles called In Dark, In Day which came out last year. The pair combine Butt’s vocals and guitars with Critchley’s electronics. 

“After collaborating with GAPS on the In Dark, In Day EP and hearing how special their album was, I really wanted to get involved further,” Coles told RA. “I want I/AM/ME to be a place where real artists can grow and keep their creative vision intact. I couldn’t think of a more perfect band and project that encapsulates that than GAPS for the label. Anyone who hasn’t seen them live should do so too as it’s just as magical as on the record, if not more.” 

Listen to “All Me All You” below. The track will see release as a single on the same day the album drops: May 11th. 

01. Cascade
02. I Know It’s You
03. All The Days Are Now
04. Inside Your Head
05. When I’m Gone
06. Keep You
07. A World Away
08. All Me, All You
09. Your Own Sweet Time
10. In Around The Moments
11. What Makes You

I/AM/ME will release In, Around The Moments on May 11th, 2015.

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Underworld and Heller & Farley Unite For Frankie Knuckles Tribute


Junior Boy’s Own is releasing a Frankie Knuckles tribute record, with material by Underworld and Heller & Farley.

A limited 12″, it’ll feature cover versions of ‘Baby Wants To Ride’, with the duo of Karl Hyde and Rick Smith linking up with Junior Boy’s Own founder Terry Farley and Pete Heller.

Although it’s already available for digital download on the release’s official site, you’ll be able to snap up the 12″ on March 31, a year since the Chicago pioneer passed away.

Farley praised Frankie for his inspiration in turning “a group of suburban London music fans into DJs and producers who could travel the world”, while Rick Smith of Underworld said they’re always “swimming in his river”.

All proceeds will be received by the Frankie Knuckles Fund, benefitting men with high risk of HIV in Africa and African and African-American communities in the UK and the United States.

Last month it was revealed that a film’s to be made about Knuckles and Chicago club The Warehouse.

Listen to the cover and see the tracklist below.

01. Baby Wants To Ride (Underworld vs Heller & Farley – Radio Edit)
02. Baby Wants To Ride (Underworld vs Misterons – Radio Edit)
03. Baby Wants To Ride (Underworld vs Heller & Farley – 12 Inch Mix)
04. Baby Wants To Ride (Underworld vs Misterons – 12 Inch Mix)

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