[Free Download] MSCLS – Feel It

Here’s one dude who is about to have a busy week.  Austin, TX local producer MSCLS has been on the come up for a bit over a year now, and is making some big strides.  Coming off of a hugely successful Thump mix, he is giving away a free track to kick off SXSW.  Simple samples and some groovy yet hard-hitting house elements all come together to make “Feel It” a huge tune.  Grab the free download below, and click read more to check out MSCLS’ many appearances at SXSW.

MSCLS Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter | Free Download

3/17/14 Austin TX, Lifted SXSW Showcase @ The Nook

3/18/14 Austin TX, Pizza Gang SXSW Showcase @ Krave

3/18/ Austin TX, MSCLS & Friends After-hours SXSW Showcase @ Barcelona

3/20/14 Austin TX, Health-Goth SXSW Showcase Day Party

3/21/14 Austin TX, To The Roof Showcase @ Summit