[GDD™ Premiere] Weiss – The Light + Interview

weiss - our love ep

I’m very excited to premiere a huge track from London based producer Weiss, today.  “The Light” comes as a b-side addition to “Our Love” — premiered by Mixmag just last week.  Released via Toolroom Records, these two tracks make up the “Our Love” EP, and both carry a certain classic house vibe and appeal.  The beauty of “The Light” is it’s simplicity, in which the vocal samples play nicely with a full, dance floor friendly bass line.  Stream the track below, and read more to check out our exclusive interview with Weiss after the jump.

  1. GDD: First off, thanks for gifting us with the premiere of “The Light.” The track is huge!


W: Its my pleasure, and thanks for the great feedback. I wanted to do something a little more driving for the new EP to go with “Our Love” and I think it complements that really well, it also gives people more selection when they’re checking the EP out, although I hope they like both!


  1. GDD: It comes as the b-side to your “Our Love” EP.  Tell us a little about the project.


W: I went into the studio wanting to make two different sounding tracks that would sit together well on one EP and also fit well in my DJ sets, the first being “Our Love”. For this I wanted to do a kind of more deep, 90’s feeling track; it took a little while but when I came up with the vocal the rest of the track just fell into place. “The Light” has a harder feel to it with a driving stab lead and sounds really good on a loud, bass heavy club system.


  1. GDD: It’s refreshing to hear some hard-hitting, no-bullshit jackin’ house tunes.  Where do you draw your style and inspiration from?


W: I’ve been producing for many years now but would say in the last couple of years I’ve really found my sound. I’ve been inspired by a lot of old school house tracks from the late 80’s and 90’s, artists like Shades Of Rhythm and Todd Terry’s old productions had a massive influence on me growing up, its great to see that retro sound coming back and driving the scene.


    1. GDD: How did you grow in 2014?

W: It’s taken me by surprise really how well it’s gone, as an artist I don’t think you have loads of expectations, more aspirations. It’s so nice to see that people are feeling my music and I’m dong something right, everyone from Loco Dice, Gorgon City to Pete Tong are playing my music. Also I’m out DJ’ing a lot more and lucky enough to travel the world playing my music to people so I’m really enjoying everything right now.


  1. GDD: What were some favourite shows?

W: We Are Festival was great last year along with Fire in London and also I got to play at one of my favourite clubs, Fabric. I love going over to Germany as well, they really love the Weiss sound there!


  1. GDD: Who were your personal favourite producers / DJ’s?

W: I’m really liking Christian Nielson right now and Lewis Boardman, playing pretty much everything they produce.


  1. GDD: Your last release got a big plug from Pete Tong — what inspired the Deadmau5 remix?

W: Nothing in particular inspired me on this remix it was more about approaching it from a totally different perspective and sound to the original. It was cool to know an artist like Deadmau5 from a totally different side of the industry was digging my sound. I always want to try and do something different each time I make a track or remix one. When I remix other peoples music I like to get as far away from the original so you have something completely different on the release and of course, I always try to add my Weiss sound to it.


  1. GDD: What are some goals and aspirations for 2015?

W: I will be out touring much more this year to take my music to all corners of the globe, we’re looking at going back to Australia and doing the States a lot more as well. There’s a new Weiss single planned for release around WMC in Miami, it’s got a real distinctive sound and vocal and has been a highlight of my sets recently. I’ve also spent some time in the studio with other artists so expect some cool collaborations this year, and I’ve got so many new ideas in the studio so I might even make a start on my first artist album! Keep your eyes peeled for something new forthcoming on Duke Dumont’s Blasé Boys label and a Weiss remix on the next Gorgon City single as well.

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