[GDD Spotlight] SNOWGLOBE Artist Feature: What So Not

what so not


This Australian duo has been taking over the electronic world over the past year.  The combination of the unique sounds of collaborators Flume and Emoh Instead have proven to be exactly what the people want.  A act with releases spanning the past four years, What So Not is a sound you won’t want to miss at SNOWGLOBE 2014.

Let’s start with “High You Are.”  This is the track that really put their efforts into the public grasp.  Those quirky synths and irresistible melody we’re too much too pass up for the likes of BranchezMotez and many more big names.  Their remixes helped spread the What So Not message to much avail.

Enter “Touched” and “Jaguar.”  These tunes blew up during the first half of 2013, noted for their characteristic blend of future and trap elements.  You couldn’t go to a festival or show without hearing one of these tracks dropped, both blurring genre lines.

The latest smash single from What So Not was a collaboration track with RL Grime.  Arguably their best, and definitely their most popular, this bass-heavy track has transcended as most-played in 2014.  Needless to say, don’t miss this set.  Whether or not the duo is complete, the jams will still be flowing at SNOWGLOBE 2014.

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