GDD™ Morning Update: RA’s Top DJs of 2014, Eli Escobar, xxxy


Resident Advisor Reveals Top DJs of 2014
• Stream Eli Escobar’s after-hours-readyMadonna And The Devil EP, forthcoming on Safer At Night
xxxy Preps New EP for Rinse; Hear the Title Track


Resident Advisor Reveals Top DJs of 2014

Each year, dance music authority Resident Advisor asks its readers to join the conversation by voting on their favourite acts. 

Counting ourselves as annual voters, we’re always thrilled to see the results, and this year is no different. What’s also not changed are the top two spots, as once again Dixon takes home gold, followed by Tale Of Us in the number two position, with Âme climbing 13 spots to third place.

Other notables include Robert Hood, who saw huge success with his gospel techno track ‘Never Grow Old’ this year, earning him a slot for the first time in years, and Apollonia, who’s debut on the list is all the way up at number 16, and the return of Anja Schneider, who’s had a particularly impressive year, at 99.

Read the entire poll here.

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Stream Eli Escobar’s after-hours-readyMadonna And The Devil EP, forthcoming on Safer At Night


The New York house veteran returns with a new EP.

As we noted when premiering his most recent 12″Eli Escobar is no Johnny-come-lately in regards to house music, having released a ton of music since the late ’90s and remaining a fixture in the New York underground since.

The DJ/producer has been on a tear this year, and after releasing his Up All Night LP in August, he’s linked up with Gotham late-night crew Safer At Night for the Madonna And The Devil EP.

We chatted with the producer about the EP, the New York after hours scene and movie scores; read our interview while you stream the EP in full below. Madonna And The Devil is due out tomorrow (December 9) via Safer At Night.

What inspired and influenced the songs on the EP?

Well, each track is very different from the other. But I did keep in mind that Safer At Night is putting out very dark, after-hours-centric music. ‘Madonna and the Devil’ is a bit influenced by the Shelter and some of the more techno-sounding records Timmy Regisford has released but now that I listen to it I don’t really hear that influence at all anymore!

Maybe that’s the best way: you become inspired and create something your own in the end. But definitely I’d say I put all that percussion in as an attempt to get that sound you hear in songs like Timmy’s ‘Tension’.’”This Thing’ was actually a remix for another label. I submitted it and never heard back but I really liked the beat. The only thing I used from the song I was remixing was a vocal sample so I just put in my own vocal sample!

What do you think of the after hours scene in New York right now?

My best memories of clubbing ’til the sun came out back in the days had a lot to do with music and people staying out because the music kept them going and nowadays it seems like the afters are where people go to do drugs and just hear boring techno that has no vocals or whatever. Not really my thing. As far as the sound right now, I like the guys in Carry Nation cause they play proper house music and always kill it. And if I may big up my own Night People crew (me, Blu Jemz and Lloydski), I think we do a pretty good job ourselves!

What was your best club experience this year?

Oh, easy one: the Hercules and Love Affair show at Verboten was just perfect. They had the most amazing light show and the songs from the new album sound even better live. The crowd was live and the overall energy in the room was through the roof! Plus, Nomi is back and I think she belongs (no pun intended) with them! Also, I had just DJed at Output right before and had a great set so it was a fun night all around. One of those nights when you realize New York is still so amazing and there’s always a million things going on every night.

‘Eli’s Theme’ has some nice Moroder or Carpenter vibes; if you could soundtrack a movie, what would it be?

Funny you should ask that, because I’m scoring my first movie ever right now! But the sound I’m going with for this film is totally different and kinda sounds like the Modern Jazz Quartet. I actually studied jazz piano in college so it’s not too much of a stretch for me. But, if I could soundtrack any movie, it would have to be After Hours! Best movie ever. Or Desperately Seeking Susan. Or Party Girl. Or Heathers. Or She’s Gotta Have It.

Stay tuned for Eli Escobar’s GDD™ Guest Mix that will be released this Wednesday!

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xxxy Preps New EP for Rinse; Hear the Title Track


A regular contributor to the label arm of Rinse FM, UK producer xxxy (who currently resides in Berlin) will issue the three-track 18 Hours EP via the imprint later this month.Described as the “latest missive of stargazing, spaced-out house” from the producer born Rupert Taylor, the forthcoming effort is also said to find xxxy working with a bit harder edge while still making use of his “long-running personality traits… a devilish ear for space and melody, which bubbles through even [the EP’s] starkest moments.”

Following behind his “Never Enough” single for RInse and an outing for Doc Daneeka’s Ten Thousand Yen imprint earlier this year, xxxy’s final release of 2014 will land on December 15. Before then, 18 Hours’ artwork and complete tracklist have been included below, where a full stream of the record’s title track can also be found.

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