[GDD Spotlight] SNOWGLOBE Artist Feature: Anna Lunoe


Anna Lunoe has had arguably one of the best breakout years amongst those in the electronic arena.  Despite being a longtime tastemaker in the Australian music scene, her widespread success wasn’t fully discovered until a massive 2014.  Check out our feature on the first lady of house vibes after the jump!

That’s right music hipsters, she knew Flume before you did.  This EP, released 2 years ago, is a testament to Anna’s forward thinking style, as it captures the essence of the happy summertime vibes that are still trying to be emulated today.  Equally talented as a vocalist as she is a producer, you’ll notice her own vocals in many of her tunes.  An impressive feat, her pipes are the centerpiece of nearly all of her tracks.

Anna is far from finished.  Her latest releases, “All Out” and “B.D.D,” highlight both the uplifting and dance-driven sides of her style, not to mention the slew of remixes that come attached to each track.  Reworks from names like AC SlaterMotezKastle, and more reflect how much respect she is given by her industry peers.

Needless to say, she’s equipped with a catalogue of dance floor bombs that never fails to get a crowd moving.  We can personally attest for the energy of an Anna Lunoe set, so be sure to catch her slangin’ club killers at SNOWGLOBE 2014.

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