[GDD Exclusive Interview] With J.Phlip


It’s pretty safe to say that Dirtybird is on a tear, and we were lucky enough to reserve a sit down with the first lady over at their camp, none other than J.Phlip. Check out our conversation with this crate-digging crowd pleaser, as we cover everything from her debut tour as a headliner, to her snacks of choice…

GDD: The first drink is on us: what’ll it be? 

JP: White Russian, dude!

GDD:  On behalf of GDD, we’re very glad to see you’re set to headline your first tour. Are you doing any special prep before hitting the road?

JP: Thanks guys! Well, I’m just home from ADE and I did some vinyl shopping there at rush hour. Got some super special tunes to rip and play on tour, or I might bring the actual wax to a few of the shows where I know the venue can accommodate properly for vinyl.  I still have so much work to do this week for my sets for the tour… I will be spending countless hours digging, making re-edits and finishing some of my own tracks to play on this tour. I always put a lot of work into my sets!

GDD:  You’ve certainly earned the peak-time slot. Are there certain records that you’ve been hoarding over the years that you’ve been itching to play?

JP: That’s a good question… Yes, it might be time to bring out some of the noisy Audion that I love so much! I need to dig through my collection… It’s a good time to bring out some old favorites that people have forgotten about or young people have never heard. Don’t want to spoil any surprises but I have some ideas!

GDD: Are there certain venues/cities that you’re really looking forward to going back to?

JP: In Toronto, I get to play with one of my favorite producers right now, Les Sins, so that one stands out, but really, I’m super excited about every single show…. On the Claude tour, we were up on a lot of stages. More of these shows will be in intimate-ish clubs where the people are right there in my face. That’s what I really prefer. I want to be right there with all the people in every city…and everybody on the floor 😉

GDD: You’re part of one of the most elite and respected crews in the world. Who from Dirtybird did you meet first – was there sort of an induction process? 

JP: Elite?? Funny word for us Dirtybird’s 😉  Anyway, I made my first Dirtybird friend in 2004 at Smartbar in Chicago. Haha, the introduction process went like this… I was dancing to Ben Watts’s set and this goofy kid came up and started dancing with me… He was wearing a trucker hat that said fingerbang and a Harley Davidson t-shirt with the sleeves cut off. That was Justin Martin. We have been friends ever since.

GDD: Has there been a standout moment on tour with them that sticks out in your mind?

JP: The Dirtybird party in Detroit during Movement 2013 was one of the most insane Dirtybird parties I have ever seen! Justin and Claude full on crowd surfed! The lasers were mind blowing and we shot confetti cannons full of feathers at the crowd haha. The energy in that room was MENTAL!

I will also never ever forget our last and final Dirtybird party at the Golden Gate Park. I want to hang on to this day forever. We had 2000 or so San Francisco freaks and friends dancing, partying, chilling, and feeling free in an area of the park where events of legally 150 people are supposed to be held. It was the end of an era for the Dirtybird fam.

GDD: You just had a solid release this past month with Chris Lorenzo, do you have any other releases slated for the rest of the year? Big plans for 2015?

JP: I’m going to kick off 2015 with an EP collaboration with me and Huxley to be the first release on his new label. I love working with Hux! He’s a studio wizard! One track has been accepted by Claude for a dirtybird EP as well… So I hope to finish that EP very soon as well!

GDD:  It seems that albums have certainly had a revival in the last few years. What’ve you been listening to outside of the club? 

JP: I still love Daniel Avery’s album. It is one of my favorite house/techno albums for sure.  I have had the new Moire album on repeat as well as FKA Twigs, Ty Segal and Caribou’s new albums. Old Arthur Russell. Coco Rosie always. All of Chelsea Wolfe’s albums. I’m really anticipating Arca’s new album! I have pretty broad taste and I try to have many albums around for different moods.

GDD: Is it hard for you to find motivation to work in the studio? Do you have any studio rituals or snacks/drinks that help the flow?

JP: I just came out of a huge slump! I was putting too much pressure on myself to make something, specifically for Dirtybird. I was also really unhealthy and super stressed. Between spending some time in the studio with Huxley and letting go of that pressure, I have finally been able to finish some stuff and get some new ideas going.

Due to some health issues, I have also had to go almost totally sober and that has helped so much. It feels soooo good to break out of the slump. Just being healthy and having balance has made me so much happier and motivated. I wish it hadn’t taken me this long to figure that out! In the studio, I just drink lots of water and, well, I love snacks. I don’t really eat meals… I just snack my way through life haha.

I try to go for healthy-ish snacks these days but when Lorenzo and I were working, we had a huge goodie bag of sour straws, jalapeno kettle chips and all sorts of crap – Jameson, beers, spliffs…..

GDD: If you weren’t a DJ, what do you think you’d be doing right now?

JP: I would be a pool hustler.


Upcoming Shows

11/21 – The Hoxton, Toronto, ON

11/22 – TV Lounge – Detroit, MI

11/23 – Dragon’s Den – New Orleans, LA

11/26 – Miramar – Milwaukee, WI

11/28 – Rioma – Mexico City, MX

12/5   – Warehouse Party – San Diego

12/6   –  Vinyl – Denver, CO

12/11 – Make it New @ Middlesex Lounge, Cambridge, MA

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