GDD™ Morning Update: Huxley, The Orb, Monkeytown


• Listen to Huxley‘s Essential Mix
The Orb ready History Of The Future Part 2 in advance of new album for Kompakt
Monkeytown preps Gajek’s debut album


Listen to Huxley’s Essential Mix

UK producer Huxley dropped his first ever Essential Mix last night.

Huxley, real name Michael Dodman, began producing garage before he started releasing more house-flavoured music as Huxley back in 2009.

This year has seen him release his debut album ‘Blurred’ on Aus Music, and now he’s been welcomed into the Essential Mix club.

His mix for BBC Radio 1 included music from Eats EverythingBicep versus MidlandEjeca andJ.Phlip.

Listen to Huxley’s debut Essential Mix here.

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The Orb ready History Of The Future Part 2in advance of new album for Kompakt


Alex Paterson wraps up his retrospective project in time for a new album.

The Orb’s post-Island Records discography will be explored on a sequel to last year’s four-disc History Of The Future. Then, after revisiting the past, the group will focus on a new album, planned for release on Kompakt next year.

The box set includes material from the group’s venture; their time on Kompakt, Cooking Vinyl and Malicious Damage; and their sessions with the legendary Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry.

History Of The Future Part 2 is due out on February 16, 2015 via Malicious Damage. The cover art and tracklist are below. Earlier this year, former Orb member Kris Weston weighed in on his former bandmates in a massive online rant.

DISC 1: north side/fire

01 Suck My Kiss (4:27)
02 I Am The Red Worm (5:24)
03 The Truth Is… (6:46)
04 Aftermath (4:42)
05 Prime Evil (5:16)
06 Eurofen (4:45)
07 Let The Music Set You Free (7:04)
08 From A Distance [Blast Master vs The Corpral] (3:57)
09 D.D.D [Dirty Disco Dub] Unite 1 (Mad Orb) (4:58)
10 Vuja De (5:47)
11 Sail (6:01)
12 Codes (8:15)
13 Apple Tree [Abacus Remix] (8:50)
14 The Orbots Surround The Trojan Horse (0:59)

DISC 2: west side/earth

01 Gee Strings (6:44)
02 Cool Harbour (5:14)
03 Ripples (5:53)
04 Super Soakers (8:44)
05 Pebbles (1:10)
06 Captain Korma (4:15)
07 Baghdad Batteries (5:11)
08 Dolly Unit FLOWING Remix (8:53) previously only available on vinyl
09 Battersea Bunches Original Soundtrack (17:30)
10 OOPA (6:14)
11 Shem (4:28)
12 Shem Version (4:37)

DISC 3: south side/water

01 Chuck’s Peaks (9:25) previously only available on vinyl
02 Dilmun (4:01)
03 Tower Twenty Three [Spud vs. Kreature Mix] (6:36)
04 D.A.D.O.E.S. (9:09)
05 Angel 4 Matrix (3:38)
06 Falkenbrueck (3:34)
07 Edelgrun (5:56)
08 Glen Coe (4:56)
09 Traumvogel (6:27)
10 Golden Clouds OICHO Remix (4:42)
11 Soulman VILLOD Remix tf edit (6:30) previously unavailable
12 Ball Of Fire DABRYE Remix (4:15)
13 Fussball [DEADBEAT’s Champions League Dub] (8:02) previously only available on vinyl

DISC 4: east side/wind (DVD)

01 Golden Clouds Promo (4:00)
02 Brixton To Harrow Promo [David Harrow remix] (4:37)
03 Baghdad Batteries Launch Night (1:44) previously unseen
04 Fussball Promo (3:30)
05 Cool Harbour Promo (3:22)
06 From A Distance The Orb vs Gøg [Featuring The Elements] Promo (3:55)
07 Dolly Unit Promo (5:08)
08 Nocturnal Bunch Promo [Nocturnal Sunshine remix] (4:02)
09 Soulman Promo (4:10)
10 Jam On Your Honey [Moshino VJ Clips] (6:32) previously unseen
11 Sinner’s Day Live Gig, Hasselt, Belgium (29.53) previously unseen

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Monkeytown preps Gajek’s debut album

Modeselektor’s Monkeytown imprint will release Gajek’s debut album, Restless Shapes, on November 21st. 

The LP is built on a conceptual framework recalling abstract minimalist and modern classical techniques, bringing together 21 short tracks that circle around three core motifs. It moves through three “complexes” or movements—”Curved Engines,” “Restless Water Shapes” and “Moving Glasses”—each with their own rhythmic or tonal restrictions. Restless Shapes is the first-ever public release for Gajek, who’s made a name for himself over the past few years working alongside musicians like Clark as a visual artist and designer. You can watch a recording of the album’s accompanying live A/V performance below. 

01. Curved Engines Pt 01
02. Curved Engines Pt 02
03. Curved Engines Pt 03
04. Curved Engines Pt 04
05. Curved Engines Pt 05
06. Curved Engines Pt 06
07. Restless Water Shapes Pt 01
08. Restless Water Shapes Pt 02
09. Restless Water Shapes Pt 03
10. Restless Water Shapes Pt 04
11. Restless Water Shapes Pt 05
12. Restless Water Shapes Pt 06
13. Restless Water Shapes Pt 07
14. Restless Water Shapes Pt 08
15. Moving Glasses Pt 01
16. Moving Glasses Pt 02
17. Moving Glasses Pt 03
18. Moving Glasses Pt 04
19. Moving Glasses Pt 05
20. Moving Glasses Pt 06
21. Moving Glasses Pt 07

Monkeytown will release Restless Shapes on November 21st, 2014.

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