GDD™ Morning Update: Bonobo, Dusky, Ardalan, Art Department, Bandcamp


• Hear Another Track from Bonobo‘s ‘Flashlight’ EP
• Listen to Dusky‘s New Track, “Akebono”
• dirtybird Announces “The Yeah / No” EP by Ardalan
Art Department Unveils New Track “Catch You By Surprise”
Bandcamp now allows artists to run their own subscription services


Hear Another Track from Bonobo’s ‘Flashlight’ EP

With the release of his forthcoming Flashlight EP for Ninja Tune less than a month away,Bonobo has shared a full stream of floor-focused EP cut “Pelican.” A somewhat Lone-esque production, “Pelican” places jazzy chords and woozy synth lines atop a thick beat that skips just around the 120-BPM mark. Spanning just over five minutes, Bonobo’s latest effort can be streamed in full below before this Flashlight EP lands on December 1.

Along with sharing his new track, Bonobo has also announced an upcoming live Boiler Room session which will take place later this month, on November 28; the upcoming event’s flier has also been included below.

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Dusky Unveils a New Track, “Akebono”

Dusky released their ‘Love Taking Over’ EP on 17 Steps back in July and they’ve just announced their second release on the label, ‘Akebono’, which is the B-side to ‘Yoohoo’.

‘Akebono’ combines house, techno and garage influences. Having already gained support from Maya Jane Coles, Midland and George Fitzgerald, the track showcases a deeper side to the duo’s sound, while the piano-led ‘Yoohoo’ brings crowd-pleasing house melodies.

‘Akebono’ will be released on November 23 via 17 Steps. Pre-order it via iTunes and stream it below.

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dirtybird Announces “The Yeah / No” EP by Ardalan


Having blazed the US on their recent BBQ tour, the dirtybird crew are back in release mode and proud to present a first ever solo EP from one of the jewels in their crown, namely Ardalan.  Our little Iranian brother and resident at chez Martin has previously worked together with his illustrious housemate Justin on breakout hits ‘Mr. Spock‘ and ‘Lezgo.’ Now grabbing the full spotlight himself, Ardalan proves he’s more than got the skills to pay the bills across two brain-frazzling tracks.

Up first is ‘Wake Up’, with its boisterous and rambunctious beats bobbling away underneath whizzing, whirring, fizzing synth lines and tripped out metallic cowbells. It’s the sort of physical, corrugated groove that this label is most celebrated for and proves Ardalan can infuse his sounds with a ton of off kilter charm as well as anyone else in the dirtybird family.

On the flip, ’The No Yeah’ is a colourful brew of malfunctioning machine sounds and raw as coleslaw beats that has blurts of soulful synth and breathy female vocal breaking though. Clipped sirens, fat bass and skipping percussion all nimbly shape shift and have you doing the same for the loveable duration of the track.

Having already impressed in cahoots with Justin Martin, Ardalan disappoints no-one when given this full solo step up, so it’s time you got on board with this exciting emergent talent, if you haven’t already.


Art Department Unveils New Track “Catch You By Surprise”

After revealing “Cruel Intentions,” the sultry and psychedelic first single, and a Pete Tong Essential New Tune, from Natural Selection, Art Department has unveiled new album track: “Catch You By Surprise.”

Continuing on the mysterious and moody precedent set by the album’s first single, “Catch You By Surprise” is bursting with raw emotive power. Clanging piano chords meet soft, morphing pads in an altogether otherworldly production.

“Catch You By Surprise” follows “Cruel Intentions” alongside Seth Troxler which was named a BBC ‘Essential New Tune.’ The song has earned further support from Billboard, Paper Magazine and Entertainment Weekly which lauded the single’s “sex, paranoia, and techno.”

Art Department’s critically acclaimed debut album, The Drawing Board was cited as an “underground masterpiece” and credited with changing the musical landscape of the electronic underworld reaching #2 on iTunes and awarded “Best Electronic Album” of 2011. Vibe Magazine ranked them #2 DJ/Producers in the world, second only to Daft Punk, firmly establishing them as a rare thing in the world of electronic music.

Pre-order Art Department’s Natural Selection here and stay tuned for the November 18th release.


Bandcamp now allows artists to run their own subscription services


Send a few dollars a month and get all your chosen artist’s releases, exclusives and more.

The nifty direct-to-fan platform Bandcamp has confirmed its plan to offer individual subscription platforms to artists, allowing them to share new material, merchandise and other goodies with their fans.

Artists will select their subscription rate and then make all of their music available to subscribers as soon as it is released, either as a download or streaming over the Bandcamp mobile app.

“It’s kinda like what U2 and Apple did, except that it’s music that you actually want!” Bandcamp CEO Ethan Diamond told The Guardian.

“The whole motivation here is that when you get to a point that you love an artist – when you go from liking them to being a real true fan of theirs – at some point you just want everything they make. You just want to support everything that they do,” he added.

Artists will also be able to release new music to subscribers only if they wish, and they can offer a discount on merchandise sold in their Bandcamp store.

“Another element of this is that any artist can choose any number of items from their back catalogue to give to subscribers as a bonus when they subscribe,” added Diamond. “We have 12 million tracks on the site and 1.6 million albums, so it’s an easy way for artists to start.”

Bandcamp will take 15% of the money, the same as it does for digital sales, and that drops to 10% once an artist reaches $5,000 in sales.

Artists have opted for a range of prices in tests of the feature, says Diamond. “We heard from another label who represents an artist who is really prolific, and for whom they don’t even know what to do with the quantity of music the person is giving them. They were talking about $200 a year.” The first band to try out the feature is Oxford collective Candy Says, who are selling their subscription for £20 a year.

Diamond also hopes Bandcamp subscriptions will show that streaming music can be a boost to artists’ careers rather than an unfair “experiment”, as Taylor Swift argued when she pulled all her music from Spotify last week, so the latest version of Bandcamp’s mobile streaming app has a clever nudge function that prompts listeners to spend some money after they’ve listened to a track twice.

“You can use the app as a discovery tool, but at a certain point it’s saying if you want to add this to your collection, you need to buy it,” explained Diamond. “And we’re going to give artists complete control over the number of times something can be streamed before they get that prompt.”

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