Jukely Unlimited Launches in NYC: Unlimited Free Concerts for $25 Per Month


New York City concert goers, you are in for a treat.  The concert app Jukely, a social concert discovery/recommendation service, is launching a fantastic new feature called Jukely Unlimited.  For only $25 a month, the feature allows music fans to attend an unlimited amount of concerts each month.  That’s right.  A small, fixed fee for unlimited use (and no penalties if you RSVP for a show & are unable to attend).  So far, 17 venues in NYC have partnered up with the service with more to come.  For many music lovers, whose constant frustration stems from not being able to afford ticket prices to multiple concerts every month, Jukely Unlimited is a godsend.

Jukely Unlimited will start off first in New York (and hopefully make its way out West).  Users can sign up now to be one of the first people to get access to this incredible new service: http://jukely.com/unlimited.

So let’s just do a quick recap of the awesomeness of Jukely Unlimited:  Once you sign up for a request and are selected, you’ll pay a $25 monthly fee & will be able to RSVP to an unlimited amount of shows from the list of concerts you receive weekly via email.  Attendance will only be limited by availability.  Although the 17 participating venues are being kept a secret for now, you can bet the concerts available through Jukely Unlimited will be the highest of quality.  And that’s it!  New York City, your concert prayers have been answered – sign up for early access now!