[GDD™ Festivals] Snowglobe Brings The Heat To Winter Festival Season

While the days of frolicking with your friends in the dessert or concrete speedways has seemingly concluded – it can only mean one thing.. Time to don your sexiest parka and mosey on over to South Lake for one of the West Coast’s premiere winter festival destinations: Snow Globe Music Festival.

Always on the artsier side of things – their lineup announcement video receives a hunky Odesza remix to ZHU‘s “Faded” as a back track as the wondrous South Lake backdrop begins to mesmerize. While the scene’s and setting quickly take hold, it’s easy to forget that the point of the announcement is to boast about their bountiful 2014 lineup!

For starters, can I get a FUCK YEAH for Phantogram.. What a wicked name to toss into this years mix! Other personal notables include Porter Robinson’s live set, of which I’ve heard nothing but stellar reviews for, Flume with a headline nod (big ups!), Justin Martin, Thomas Jack, and Atmosphere (I grew up on these dudes!).

Having been there last year to ring in the new year I can assure you there is no better place to be! Surrounded by some of the most scenic mountains and plush forests, as well as all the snow action available in the day, it’s a paradise that is yours for the taking. Make your own fun in the day and then dance the night away alongside some of the more radical festival goers you’ve ever immersed yourself with.

Treat yourself to this years Lineup announcement video and get your tickets early!