GDD™ Morning Update: Thom Yorke, Desert Hearts, Nick Monaco, Avalon/Food Music


Thom Yorke reveals new album
Desert Hearts Crew Announce Festival Line Up – November 7th – 10th
Nick Monaco Challenges the Direction of Dance Culture with Manifesto + Limited Lipstick series for Charity, While Releasing Mating Call
• Avalon Saturdays Presents Food Music and Friends: Shadow Child & Kry Wolf + special guests: Le Youth, Sinden, Corey Sizemore


Thom Yorke reveals new album

Thom Yorke has announced details of a new solo album calledTomorrow’s Modern Boxes. 

News of the project landed through a letter co-penned by Yorke and Radiohead producer Nigel Godrich. The letter says that the LP has been released using a new version of BitTorrent, which fans can now access for a fee of 6 USD. 

The letter goes on to explain the reasons behind the experiment, claiming “it could be an effective way of handing some control of internet commerce back to people who are creating the work.” Unlike usual torrents, this new system “does not require any server uploading or hosting costs.” If you’d rather own a physical copy, a deluxe vinyl version is on sale now at the album’s official site.

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Desert Hearts Crew Announce Festival Line Up – November 7th – 10th


Following an incredibly busy summer, which saw them spread their gospel of music and love to the far and wide regions, San Diego based party crew, Desert Hearts, is proud to announce the lineup for their 2 Year Anniversary Festival this November.

The Desert Hearts 2 Year Anniversary Festival, which promises to be “70 hours of nonstop House, Techno, & Love,” will take place November 7th – 10th at an off-the-grid Indian Reservation in Southern California. Known for having the highest musical integrity when it comes to curating the right music and vibe, the Desert Hearts lineup is basically a who’s who in House and Techno!

Desert Hearts 2 Year Anniversary Ticket Link:

With a lineup like that and a cult family following behind them, it’s no wonder their newly launched imprint, Desert Hearts Records, has already found it’s way into the Top 10 Deep and Tech House Charts.  But Desert Hearts Records is just the beginning…

The Crew’s determination to bring their festival vibe to the rest of the world eventually birthed their first City Hearts party in San Francisco, which went down as one of the best dance parties of the year. With so much love and passion going into their parties, it’s no wonder their family camp, The Pile Palace, and their DH Crew takeovers were major highlights at this year’s Burning Man.  Now a little over a month from their 2 Year Anniversary Festival, the DH Crew is bringing their City Hearts brand of partying to Los Angeles on October 3rd.

City Hearts LA Event Page

We’ll leave you with some choice words from Desert Hearts figurehead Mikey Lion –

“What really sets Desert Hearts apart is the fact that the entire thing is built on the ethos, “House, Techno, & Love.” It’s 70 hours nonstop, one stage, one vibe, and not for the faint of heart. Everyone who attends is there for the same reason, love and music. Together, We Are All Desert Hearts.”

Additional turntable support for the 2 Year Anniversary comes from Desert Hearts favorites; Andrew Sito, Anton Tumas, B Rose, Bells & Whistles, Ben Seagren, Evan Casey, Jimbo James, Jonathan Will, Jonjo Williams, Justin Campbell, Kevin Anderson, Lonely Boy, Rybo, & YoBill.


Nick Monaco Challenges the Direction of Dance Culture with Manifesto + Limited Lipstick series for Charity, While Releasing Mating Call

The Manifesto:

“Hi, my name is Nick Monaco. I am a 24 year old DJ/Producer from the San Francisco Bay Area. Since I graduated from college in 2012 I have been touring the world performing my music with my friends, we’re a gang of 13 musicians, producers, and DJs known as Crew Love –

At some point along my journey’s as a touring DJ I began wearing lipstick. It began as something fun and innocent to do at after parties. I began to wear it more frequently, in public, at clubs, and eventually it became part of my stage persona when I performed live.

Wearing lipstick I began to feel very conscious of the hyper-masculinity and rigid gender constructs that are still ever present throughout the world. When onlookers see what they consider a straight male wearing lipstick it complicates their ideas about gender and sexuality, which is the goal of Freak Flag – to move beyond gender binaries.

By wearing Freak Flag we show our alliance to the LGBT community and offer our support to the community that nurtured modern dance music into existence. As dance music continues to proliferate and be adopted by dominant pop culture I think it’s an important moment to remind ourselves of the origins of this sound. To the generations that precede me this may sound like old news, but I sense in my generation a historical amnesia and lack of consciousness when it comes to the origins of contemporary dance music.

It was in the sweaty loft parties in New York like Sanctuary, The Loft, and Paradise Garage that freaks, outliers, gays, transexuals, blacks, latinos, and those on the fringes of society could unite and express themselves through dance. These events were not just dance parties but effectually pressure valves that allowed those marginalized by the dominant hetero-normative culture to release their anxieties and engage in rhythmic therapy. The club was a space for those in that community to exist freely and openly.

All of the profits from Freak Flag will go to the Jim Collins Foundation (JCF) – – which directly funds gender-confirmation surgeries for those who need the financial assistance. This year JCF was able to pay for three gender-confirmation surgeries, which brings these people the peace that they’re entitled to.

Raise your freak flag full mast and show the world that we can make noise, even outside of the club.”

Buy Nick Monaco’s new album, Mating Call, on Beatport or iTunes.


Avalon Saturdays Presents Food Music and Friends: Shadow Child & Kry Wolf + special guests: Le Youth, Sinden, Corey Sizemore


There’s an unstoppable wave of UK bass emanating from overseas, and at the height of that wave are Shadow Child and Kry Wolf. In the last two years, the British producers’ collaborative label Food Music has transpired to one of the hottest imprints in England thanks to fresh contributions from Chris Lorenzo, Hannah Wants, Zinc and more. Shadow Child and Kry Wolf take over Avalon Saturdays alongside fellow UK veteran Sinden and American standout Le Youth with Corey Sizemore from Lights Down Low opening. Tickets are on sale here.