The UK transplant Ghosts Of Venice moved from Chicago to LA this Summer and we’re stoked to have him deep in the swing of pool party season. In preparation for his performance this Saturday @ the #LDW High Tides Pool Party, he’s curated a TOP 10 POOL PARTY JAMS playlist to get you nice and wet and ready for a hot one. Here’s what he had to say:

Recently I made the move to Los Angeles, which means endless summer and more rooftop and pool parties than you can shake a stick at. Whether you’re sunning yourself by the pool or dancing on the beach here is a list of my top 10 balearic disco, yacht rock and dubbed out tracks.

Listen to all (10) tracks [after the jump]

1. Marin Gaye – What’s Going On (Black Label Edit)
Don’t ask me how I came across this edit because I have no idea. It just appeared on my computer one day by some divine intervention and I’ve played it every single day party ever

2. Hall & Oates – I Can’t Go For That (12″ Extended Disco Mix)
The synth and bell runs on this track are the sound of summer. It just sounds like sunshine. This 9 minute version let’s all the parts breathe so you have enough time to top up your Mojito. The first of many Yacht Rock edits in this list for obvious reasons.

3. Timmy Thomas – Why Can’t We Live Together
This song was released in 1973. It falls into the same vein as Rose Royce for me. It’s so forward thinking for it’s genre. Tropical vibes for sure.

4. Kate Bush – Running Up That Hill (Ashley Beedle Re-edit)
Yeah. That’s right. Kate Bush. This edit is a little leftfield as far as pool party songs go. It’s a rare 12″ white label edit that clocks in at 8 minutes and builds into a balearic frenzy. Maybe wait until the sun has gone down before playing this one.

5. Fleetwood Mac – Big Love (House Upon The Hill Mix)
This is an Arthur Baker production so of course it’s going to be incredible. The combination of the guitar and that huge dubby piano is insane. I like to play it a lot slower than the recorded version.

6. Blondie – Rapture (LUXXURY Edit)
The sleaziest offering in my top 10. You have probably heard of LUXXURY lately because the guy is everywhere. He has a knack of doing edits from multi tracks and focusing on the best parts of a song. In this case it’s the bass and guitar.

7. Donna Lewis – I Love You Always Forever (Curtis Vodka Balearic Edit)
A blissful 10 minute edit of the forgotten and extremely over-looked 90’s gem by Donna Lewis. It even has a marimba to keep all the Tropical Nu Disco kids happy

8. Carly Simon – Why (LeSale Dub Edit)
I have no idea how you would categorise this. Yacht Rock? Pop? Yacht Pop? Anyway, I found this edit on Soundcloud and it’s great. Focuses on the reggae guitar and dreamy synth line with a lot of dub FX and delay thrown in for good measure.

9. The Sunburst Band – Everydub
The list wouldn’t be complete without some Joey Negro. This has everything. Muted guitar, piano, shimmery synths and a killer bass line.

10. Bananarama – Cruel Summer (Ghosts Of Venice Edit)
I made this edit when I moved to LA especially for rooftop and pool parties. It’s a blend of the extended 12″ version and the (not very good) dub that appeared on the single. The original was produced by the same guys behind some Imagination songs, which you can hear from the bass line. If balearic pop was a genre this would be the template.


LOS ANGELES – Don’t miss Ghosts Of Venice this Saturday, August 30th at the High Tides Pool Party @ The Mondrian Hotel!