Amtrac Interview + ‘Those Days’ Re-release


Great tracks are often swept under the rug, dismissed, and forgotten. It seems that now more than ever, there are heaps of tracks that are given a second chance after being scooped up by bigger labels. We caught up with Amtrac, who is having his 2012 hit ‘Those Days’ re-released on the legendary Toolroom imprint.

GDD: So what’s the process of having a track re-released? Did someone from Toolroom hear you play it out and have to sign it?

AmtracYeah. My manager happened to be hanging out with Mark Knight and he played him “Those Days”. As I recall, Mark said, “This tune is rough!” That’s where the relationship started..

GDD: What’s on tap for the rest of 2014?

AmtracI’ve got this upcoming tour with Kygo that I’m stoked on, and my 2nd full length LP is almost finished. It should hopefully by out by the end of the year.

GDD: You’ve provided support for Kaskade on the road in the last couple of years. What’s it like warming up a party before him?

Amtrac: It’s a great time. Kaskade fans seem to really be about the music more so than the scene. I tend to play more obscure house tracks than charting records. The crowd is always vibes. Vegas is kind of hit or miss though haha

GDD: What’s been your favorite track to play out this summer?

Amtrac: Hands down Jimmy Edgar’s “U Need Luv”

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