GDD™ Tech: LANDR Puts The Power Of Mastering In Your Hands + Tiga b2b Seth Troxler Mix


DIY trends are everywhere these days, but today we would like to draw attention to some impressive DIY’ers who are changing the game when it comes to Audio Mastering. Eight years of research from a widely revered group of Graduate Students at Queen Mary University of London’s Centre For Technology (C4DM) yielded an amazingly intelligent audio mastering process, but it wasn’t until TandemLaunch (a small business incubator) got ahold of the rights to the research, that LANDR was able to receive the funding and infrastructure it needed to become a reality. Now, a quick ‘drag and drop’, combined with their intelligent automation process, and you’ve got a fully mastered track that would leave even the pros slightly confounded. To put it to the test, here’s an exclusive mix from Seth Troxler b2b Tiga for you to see for yourself!

If you’re really feeling inspired, grab a free month trial HERE.

Mastering has always been reserved for the pros, mostly because it requires enough money to provide an acoustically sound room, speakers, and years and years of finely tuning your ear. What LANDR has created, is an open code mastering automation system that listens to every track that’s uploaded, analyzes it, and learns from it. This means it’s only going to get better with time. Currently used to master live sets, retouching Vinyl rips for club play, and polishing up demos that are ready for test plays, LANDR boasts an impressive 25,000+ users, of which, a select few are slated to be releasing albums/singles that have been mastered exclusively on the platform.

For the up and coming artists and aspiring producers, technology like LANDR really takes a huge chunk out of the costs of being independent in this industry. Small labels stand to reap a large benefit to this technology as well, as anything to reduce the margins of a start up are much appreciated. The potential is massive when it comes to the musical minds this technology can help inspire and bring to fruition, and it will be exciting to see what sounds will soon come.

Not sure how the technology works? Here’s a trial video to help get things going!