GDD™ Morning Update: Jeff Mills, A-Trak, DJ Funk


Jeff Mills enters the Emerging Crystal Universe
A-Trak: “DJing is about taking risks”
• Dance Mania Preps 20th Anniversary Collection from DJ Funk


Jeff Mills enters the Emerging Crystal Universe

Jeff Mills has announced a new full-length called Emerging Crystal Universe. 

Coming on his own Axis Records label, Emerging Crystal Universe is the spiritual follow-up to last year’s The Jungle Planet, which RA’s Aaron Coultate described as “a vivid world to explore, one that’s been drawn with visual imagery, evocative track titles, a detailed backstory and a rich collection of tracks.” The releases are part of a series called Sleeper Wakes, and where that one took place on an “exotic expedition” to the “planet of planets,” this one sees our protagonist—the last surviving human—head into a “Parallel Universe.” 

That’s all the info we have now, but you can listen to clips over at the FIT Detroit site

01. Entering (The Crystal Universe)
02. Phantom Stars
03. Stellar Black Connector
04. Crossing The Inner Threshold
05. Common Space
06. The Advent
07. Hexagons, Chants And Lights
08. Mass Elliptical Orbits
09. Reversing The Cosmic Theory

Axis Records will release Emerging Crystal Universe in fall 2014.

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A-Trak: “DJing is about taking risks”


There’s been much debate about the art of DJing recently, partly down to the notion that the likes of Paris Hilton just ‘press play’, and veteran turntablist A-Trak has had his say on the topic.

The Fool’s Gold boss is no stranger to the decks, having won the DMC World DJ Championships at the age of 15, and his post on Instagram clearly shows how strongly he feels about the subject.

Writing about being approached by Kanye West to be his tour DJ, the Canadian explained how he had to change his style for a different audience.

“Kanye hired me to tour with him, because he learned how to perform from Common and Kweli who had real DJs too. My routines were too specialized so I had to make new ones that this new audience would understand. I started seeing the bigger picture.”

Although he stated that his own style is his “passion”, he praised the styles of Carl Cox and DJ Harvey and said DJing is all about taking chances.

“When you come to my show you know you’ll see me cut. And take risks. DJing is about taking risks. I represent #RealDJing #YouKnowTheDifference”.

Read the full post here.

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Dance Mania Preps 20th Anniversary Collection from DJ Funk


Ghetto/booty house innovator DJ Funk is set to celebrate two decades of producing and DJing with a three-disc 20th Anniversary Greatest Hits collection. Set to appear via Dance Mania—the legendary Chicago label through which DJ Funk originally released many of his seminal tracks—the collection will include over 40 of the artist’s “best-selling hits,” including “House the Groove,” “Booty Bounce,” and “Every Freakin’ Night.” In addition, the collection’s third disc will host a “Gold Megamix” from DJ Funk, which we imagine will find the man briskly making his way through a large helping of his original productions.

The DJ Funk Gold – 20th Anniversary Greatest Hits collection is set to arrive on September 5; in the meantime, it’s artwork and full tracklist have been included below. Furthermore, DJ Funk also plans to embark on a series of tours in support of the release, hitting Europe and the UK in October before making his way around the US from November all the way to March 2015. Though dates are still forthcoming for those tours, DJ Funk has put together a promo video for the upcoming events, which is also included below.

Disc One
1 House the Groove
2 Pump It Erk N Jerk
3 Knock Knock
4 Work It
5 The Original Video Clash
6 Work Dat Body
7 Pussy Ride
8 Big Ole Booty
9 Doggy Style
10 DJ Funk Gonna Hurt Somebody
11 Jump Up
12 Ho’s in This House
13 Booty Bounce
14 I Need Weed in My Life
15 Da Roof
16 Booty Dead
17 All You Freaks
18 I’m So High
19 Get Funky
20 Hey I Feel Alright
21 I Am Getting High
22 Pump It Uk

Disc Two
1 BHA2 Megamix
(Shake It Up, Bounce Dat Ass, Believe In Sex, Face Down Ass Up, Pop Dat Thing, Booty Clap)
2 Booty Bounce (GTA Mix)
3 Pop’n Champagne (Spenda C And DJ Funk)
4 Titties And Beer (Original Mix)
5 Touch The Ground (DJ Funk Vs Eddie Deng)
6 Bounce Dat Ass (Justice vs DJ Funk)
7 Fuck Dat Ass
8 Freak – Pump It/ Pussyride Remix (Bro Safari + Knuckle Children)
10 Tits In My Face (Cenob1te Remix)
11 Booty Clap (Boys Noize/Ookay Remix)
12 Fuck Face Down
13 Bang It (DJ Funk vs DJ Godfather)
14 Back Dat Thang (DJ Funk vs DJ Godfather)
15 Dirty Disco (feat. Funkyworm)
16 Life Is a Mystery
17 High Frequency
18 Have’n Sex (Acid Mix)
19 Free At Last
20 Happy Feet
21 Run

Disc Three
Gold Megamix

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