Mija b2b Skrillex – Sunrise Bonnaroo Live Mix if You Somehow Haven’t Heard It

This is magic.  One of the best sets I’ve heard in a while, and I categorically dislike DJ sets.  Biggups Mija.  Skrillex is the man.  Listen.

From NEST HQ (photos), as told by Drew:

After SUPERJAM a few of us went back to the tour bus to unload our gear. A little less than an hour later, Sonny drove up in a golf cart with a few friends and we set out on an adventure.

We were headed to the silent disco only to find that it had closed, but we felt bass thumping and followed the feels. We drove up to a Burning Man art car called “kalliope” with 1000 plus people dancing as the sun came up.

We made our way up to the dj booth where we met a girl named “Mija” who said she was about to start her set and asked if Sonny wanted to B2B. Just after 6AM they started playing and this is what happened :)

So sick.