One of the biggest legends in house music – Marc Kinchen aka MK, comes home to Los Angeles this weekend for one of his few US appearances this year… With multiple residencies in Europe, festival touring across the globe, and not to mention his recent main stage performance @ EDC Las Vegas, the anticipation of his return him grace the decks at Exchange this Saturday night is through the roof. Amidst his intercontinental flight back to California, we caught up with the man himself to see how he finds time to even breathe between the studio, the shows, the label and everything else that makes him the icon that he is.

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GDD: MK! You’re on your way back to LA from just playing Barcelona and Croatia… what do you do/eat/drink on these long flights back and forth?
MK: hmm… to be honest, by the time they shut that plane door, I am usually fast asleep, so not a lot of plane food or drinking for me. We have had some crazy schedules lately and it turns out that the plane is the best place to sleep.

GDD: When you’re home in LA, do you use it mostly as time in the studio or time to relax? What’s your favorite thing to do in Los Angeles?
MK: I have had so little time at home in the last few months, I try to get into the studio, and try to relax at the same time and also find time to see the family I would have to say chill and make music in my studio, play video games and hang with my fam and friends.

GDD: You’ve done remixes this year for everyone from Lana Del Rey to Rudimental, Duke Dumont, Nile Rodgers, and not to mention yourself! Exactly how many have you done in this year alone and how many more do you have in the pipeline before the end of 2014?
MK: Exactly? that’s a good question, I don’t actually know but I can tell you the ones that I remember off the top of my head, there was Angel Haze & Sia, Paloma Faith, Sam Smith, Wanklemut Emma Louise ‘MY HEAD IS A JUNGLE”, Le Youth, Kant, Hot Natured, Pleasure State (my group with Lee Foss and Anabel Englund), Shadowchild, Monarchy, Disclosure, Amine Edge & Dance, Lancelot, and I have no idea how many are in store, but I do know that I have to finish my own album, so I may have to cut back on the remixing for a bit… but there is always going to be something I can’t turn down I guess.

GDD: Speaking of remixes, if there was any song by any artist you could remix, who would it be and why?
MK: There is never just one song you know, but I will tell you that while I was touring a couple of months ago, I was asked to remix Michael Jackson’s single, “Love Never Felt So Good,” but I couldn’t do it because the vocals and piano were recorded on the same track, so to separate them without losing the vibe would have been really difficult. I mean it could have been done, but I thought I would lose the essence of what Michael put into it. That was so hard to say no to. He is one of my favorite artists, and then there is Depeche Mode, haha…

GDD: You’ve just had a music video released for your remix of ‘My Head Is A Jungle’ – did you have any say in its creative production? Or did you have to trust what they made you?
MK: Even though, it is Emma Louise and Wanklemuts song, the label recognizes this as being my remix and were actually very interested in my input, but tbh, it felt strange for us to make demands on another artists track, they did send it to us to approve though, we thought it was cute and very English :)

GDD: Your re-launching your label Area 10… what caused you to revive it and what can we expect this year in releases?
MK: There is so much new and great talent out there, it just made sense to relaunch the label and make a touring element available to some of these new up and coming producer/Djs as well. Right now I am working on finishing a Route 94 collab. on an Ep we have been doing and I think Anabel Englund may do some surprise vocals on it as well, we also have the Pleasure State project with me, Anabel Englund and Lee Foss… it may end up being an Area 10/Hot Creations release. We are working on that now.

GDD: Theres also rumors of your own solo MK album… is it going to be all originals or can you tell us about any special collaborations included?
MK: Wow, it’s really awesome that you guys even know about that, well i have been working on collaborations with producers like Shadowchild, Duke Dumont, writing with Jimmy Napes (Disclosure), Karen Harding, Amine Edge & Dance and a few others. It’s going to be really special, i am very excited about it.

GDD: You’ve already played some major festivals across the globe this year… Do you plan different sets for each country or part of the world you play in? Or do you just go up with and have fun every time?
MK: Some things have to be planned especially if they are being streamed, I have to watch out not to play unreleased material, but others I make sure that I can be spontaneous and then I also try to find out what kind of event or stage I am playing at so I play a great gig for everyone. Absolutely part of the mission is having fun… if I am having fun, then everyone else is, if the crowd is having fun, then I’m going to… it’s very kinetic.

GDD: You spend most of your summer touring in Europe, is their anything special about coming home to LA to play? Are you excited about playing Exchange LA this Saturday?
MK: Definitely special, it’s home and it is really amazing to be playing in my town. And Yes, I am really looking forward to Saturday, playing with Oscar G, Beckwith, Adam Auburn and Psychemagik should be amazing…. so, touchdown should be soon… it really is incredible that you can do interviews on the plane now and just send them out, but uh oh, if it becomes a trend it’s going to ruin my sleep time…zZz…

Don’t miss MK this Saturday, July 12th @ Exchange LA – alongside Psychemagik, Oscar G, Beckwith and Adam Auburn!

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