[GDD™ TECH] Finally: Boomrat Steps In To Track Your Artists, Blogs, and Playlists All In One Place


The all encompassing music discovery platform, Boomrat, saw it’s launch earlier this week, and it’s already starting to make major waves in the realm of how you sync your social networks and stay in tune with your favorite artists. I think the thing that makes it most readily accessible is that it’s already setup to pick up where you, the online musical connoisseur, have left off. It finds the artists you like on Facebook and Soundcloud and puts their newest material right at your fingertips with an extremely savvy algorithm. No starting over, no hours of curating a following, Boomrat finds you, and puts your world at the forefront.

Screen Shot 2014-06-27 at 10.58.17 AM

On top of that, it serves as a blog aggregate that lets lets you see what your favorite websites have been posting and their given popularity. It organizes posts by how many sites have posted and categorizes the tracks by genre so you can skip the fluff you don’t want to hear. Essentially, it organizes the madness that is the world wide web, and it makes it more accessible and user friendly through their innovative interface and stellar blog selection.

As if that wasn’t enough reason to create your login today, they’ve also blessed the net with an essential feature that everyone desires at some given point in their day, playlists. Playlists curated by industry heads, DJ’s, and fanatics alike. Organized by activity, by mood, by time of day, and only getting broader, it’s safe to say Christmas has come early.

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Boomrat is the creation of Ariel Lee and Andrew Silberstein, a pair of 23-year old dance music fans who developed the idea while attending the Lloyd Greif School of Entrepreneurship at the University of Southern California. Lee explained, “we approached the development of Boomrat as lovers of dance music with the ultimate goal of combining all three into one easy-to-use platform that enables the continuous discovery and sharing of new dance music content.”