[GDD™ Exclusive] Mumbai Science Chat Debut Album + Mixhell Collab Premiere!

mumbai science

This Monday will see the release of the highly anticipated debut album from longtime GDD™ favorites and Techno/Electro mavens, Mumbai Scienceon Lektroluv Records. The Belgian duo follow up years of quality releases like “Ancova,” “Gold,” and “Impact” with eleven new tracks under the guise of Deja Vustaying true to their initial inspirations while allowing the lenient album format to let them color outside the lines a bit.

In advance of the record release next week, the guys have answered a few questions about Deja Vu and also kindly given us first listen on their slamming collaboration with Mixhell which definitely feels like a refreshing throwback to the late 2000s with a well-executed, converging rock meets electro vibe. Listen to “Vegas” and get some insight on the new album below.

GDD™: You guys have experienced the twists and turns of dance music for a few years now. Why do you feel like right now was the best time to unveil your debut album?

M: It all came very natural actually. At some point almost two years ago, we noticed that the tracks we were making didn’t quite fit an EP anymore. We tried toying around with them at first, molding them into typical club tracks but it just didn’t work. We decided it was meant to be an album and not an EP or several EP’s. The universe wanted us to make an album.

J: It al went very fast after that. We got so much energy and inspiration from doing something new. It felt so fresh again. After 10 EP’s an album just felt right for us. I don’t know if the world is ready for it. But we are!

GDD™: How would you say the sound of the album compares to your previous work? Should we expect a balls to the wall Techno record? There are some interesting collaborations on there…

M: It is still very much Mumbai Science. Our sound is still in there and always will be, but this time we tried to make tracks that fitted together, that were part of something bigger and that told a story.

J: If you look for it, there’s a sort of an ironic story of a grim and dystopian future in the album. You can still dance to it but you can also put it on in your car and just listen to it. For me, that was a big challenge for this album: how do we get people to enjoy our music without them necessarily being on the dancefloor.

Apparently Fake Blood said the new record is reminiscent of the mid 2000s. Would you agree with him? Is there a revivalist attitude to pre-EDM dance music culture in Deja Vu?

J: We are who we are and we make the music we love. We’re definitely not involved in the whole EDM debate. As far as I’m concerned the music I love doesn’t need revival. It’s still there! Look at John Roman and BS1, look at Para One. I just got his new album and it is AMAZING. Look at Brodinski and his Bromance crew. I’m still dancing every weekend to the music I love and I hope everyone can do that. My biggest hope with this album is that déjà vu can make some peoples weekends just a little bit more epic. No more, no less.


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