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This weekend we bring you a huge INCEPTION doubleheader, as Hot Since 82 and Carlo Lio take over the decks at Exchange LA. To get you hyped for the massive night to come, we caught up with Toronto based house music mogul Carlo Lio about his influences, his styles and the long road ahead…

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GDD: You just got back from South America… how do the crowds respond their to your sets? Do you prepare something different for each part of the world you play?
CL: Yes just arrived back home Monday. It was an amazing time to say the least. The crowds were off the hook and really responded to my sound super well. As for prep.. No. I don’t believe in prepping to much. You never know what your walking into so I let the night tell me how to play. You need to read the crowd! More fun that that way.

GDD: You’ll be playing a handful of Suara parties with Coyu this summer in Ibiza. How did that relationship come about?
CL: Me and Ivan have been great friends for many years. I think it may have been 2007 or 2008 when I first released on suara. We have remained ever since. He is a great guy and I’m happy to see him and the label doing so well!

GDD: Toronto has become a beacon for club culture and incredible producers in the dance music world. Has it natively been a major influence on your style?
CL: To be honest, yes. It’s def been a massive influence On me as a person And of course style. Even though back in the day I would always like to see international djs i would still find myself being drawn to the local djs at the time a bit more. We had such insane talent in this city at one point that not only me but many of the partiers were more content with just listening to our locals. That says a lot for our city.

GDD: Speaking of, do you keep a close eye on the new breed of producers and DJs coming out of Toronto? Is there anyone in your hometown that has really been impressing you?
CL: It’s my home I always like to know what’s going on, wether it be new talent it drama lol. As for producers. There is one name that comes to mind. “Chris Larsen”. He’s a super dope dj and producer. Has a solid groove.

GDD: You’ve named Loco Dice as a big personal influence. What are Dice’s attributes that you find most appealing?
CL: Yes he def has been.his music is the number one attribute. He’s a dj first and You can see that in his playing style ..’he never disappoints at least when I’ve seen him. Love his consistency and style. Keeps it real and I respect that. As a person he’s a stand up dude.. Always happy. No attitude and not just him but that’s the type of people I gravitate towards.

GDD: You’re used to playing all over the world, from Ibiza to France to your hometown of Toronto. How does Los Angeles match up? Do you see a unique crowd here?
CL: Well LA is somewhere I haven’t played often at all. Maybe 3 or 4x. I love the city and have had a lot of fun playing here. Every place is diff but I think LA is def standing it’s ground at the moment. I loved exchange last time I was there and really looking forward to this time.

GDD: Speaking of, You play this Saturday @ Exchange LA w/ Hot Since 82. What can we expect from your set? Are you preparing something each time or do you just get up there and have fun?
CL: Like I said, I’m all about winging. I’m playing very early this time around because I have to leave for another show. So I guess you can see a diff side of me this Saturday. Expect Some slower sexy chunky raw grooves.

GDD: One just for fun…. what’s the wildest or most embarrassing thing you’ve seen or done at a show?
CL: I guess I’ll go with embarrassing. But I tend to have a lot blonde moments.. Like my headphone not working .. Me calling sound guy who’s like … Try plugging them in! Or speeding up the tune playing in the club when. I should be pitching the one in the headphone..’ya I Duno guess I shoulda been born a blondy!!

Don’t miss Carlo Lio alongside Hot Since 82 this Saturday, May 31st @ Exchange LA!