Get Twisted Records Presents “Reminiscence 2014” One Year Anniversary Album + Mix [by Tough Love]


One of our favorite underground labels, Get Twisted Records, recently hit its one year mark.  The Tough Love imprint is celebrating in style with the release of “Reminiscence 2014″.  The album features 13 of Get Twisted’s biggest tracks released in the past 12 months including heavy hitters from Hannah Wants, Chris Lorenzo, Denney as well as fast rising stars such as Origins Sound & Bordertown (plus many more), compiled & mixed by Tough Love.

The Tough Love imprint Get Twisted is a young, underground House label from across the pond that has separated itself from other labels by finding the perfect combination of professionalism & fun.  We had a chance to talk to the Tough Love crew about the rise of Get Twisted and its future along with the anniversary album & mix.  Here’s what they had to say….

Tough Love

[GDD] Tell us a little about what it was like when Get Twisted first formed.  What are some of the major differences between now & when the label first began?

[TOUGH LOVE] We first formed the label in 2013, it came from the foundations we’d planted in a series of parties we used to run called “Twisted Disco”. Get Twisted Records is really a platform for us to showcase music from artists that we as Tough Love like playing out & of course our own music.

[GDD] How has Get Twisted been able to separate itself from other underground House labels?

[TOUGH LOVE] One of the key rules we have when doing A&R for the label is we have to really love the track & be confident it fits into one of our sets. We’re known for our big bumpy house, but also for having fun. The music on the label really has to resemble this feeling on the dance floor.

From an artist point of view, Get Twisted Records offers a support mechanism that most don’t. We work closely with the artists from the start, building a solid release structure often on a 12 month scale with them. We work hard to make sure our artists get the best exposure possible through radio & press. We’re a family, with the same goals, so everyone gets the same treatment & we all work hard for each other.

[GDD] Were there any labels that influenced you guys in the past, any labels that Get Twisted might have modeled itself around?

[TOUGH LOVE] Growing up there were many labels that we both bought from. But we’re not sure you could say any have majorly influenced us. Some have released consecutively better than others. It’s been a learning curve for us, every day we learn something new with the label. British labels like Black Butter have done an amazing job, they seem to have a tight knit family & really give their artists a platform that from the outside not all majors do.

[GDD] Could you give some insight as to how the current Get Twisted roster was formed?  What do you look for when choosing who to collaborate with?

[TOUGH LOVE] Many of the early release’s such as Hannah Wants, Chris Lorenzo, Taylor, Lee M Kelsall, are friends of ours that we’ve gigged with numerous times over the years. We’re lucky that they understood our vision & could see the work we’ve put in. We believe newer artists became aware of this & now were fortunate to have so many want to release with us.

We do a lot of research on our artists, often going to watch future talent play, sometimes without their knowledge as we like to see not only how they perform as artists but also how they carry themselves. We’re all about a positive mental attitude while remaining humble & approachable. We’ve got lots of new artists who have never had a release before, but we’ve spent a good period of time at their gigs or at their studio’s giving them the support they need. Once you release on GTR you can be fairly sure you’ll get options on future releases and showcases so this understanding between label & artists is really important to us.

[GDD] Tell us a little bit about the 1 year anniversary album and mix and the support that Get Twisted has received from the House music community.

[TOUGH LOVE] We’re really excited about the ‘Reminiscence 2014’ album. Its really a moment to stop and take note of our first year in the industry as a label. It features 13 heavy weight tracks all complied and mixed by ourselves. The idea was to have an album that you could both play out, listen to on your IPod, in your car, pre party, any where, any time!

We’re really just blown away by the support we’ve had, Radio 1, 1xtra, Kiss, Capital, Rinse, Ministry Of Sound, this list goes on, these radio stations have been vital to our growth, allowing millions of people to hear our artists. It really shows at our showcases, and the support is constantly growing. For us that’s the proudest moment, when you see a whole club rocking to artists you’ve believed in from the get go.

[GDD] As Get Twisted looks back on year number one, what does the future hold for the label this upcoming year?

[TOUGH LOVE] You can expect showcases all over the world in the next 12 months, were preparing some single releases which we’re really excited about. There’s established artists such as Prince Club, Amine Edge & DANCE & Raffa FL joining our ever growing family, as well as some exciting young talent such as Luvstuff who we’re certain will make a massive impression over the next few years. On top of all this we’ve got some amazing live acts coming out of our camp, Jessica Wilde, Hollywood & Nastaly will feature heavily in both Get Twisted & Tough Love releases over the next 12 months. We can’t wait for year 2!

AMAZING!  Cheers, fellas & congratulations on year #1 – we can’t wait for year #2!