[ARTIST SPOTLIGHT] Nick Dow And The Progressive Side Of Techno

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Nick Dow IS a young, up and coming producer from Scotland. I was a good two hours into Hot Since 82’s last set at The Avalon when he purposefully dropped a techno anthem that Shazaam was kind enough to bring to my attention. One can only hope to be in a room large enough, at a time late enough, and with a crowd rowdy enough to be able to unleash the progressive techno vehemoth Nick Dow calls, “Living Shadow,” and as months pass by I still can’t get the track out of my recently played playlist.

From the Scottish Country side, Dow moved to the techno hub of the world, Berlin (click HERE for his tribute to Berlin), where he was able to successfully hone in and grow his sound in front of those who best decide what stays and what goes. His first official release came from winning a Sébastien Léger remix contest, then the box we call pandora was opened on a production front. Every tune is so enticing, he captures the dark and tempestuous side of techno but every song is this ever changing soundscape that rolls and builds like the hillside he once called home.

While a release two years ago hardly qualifies him as someone new to the scene, a SoundCloud star has yet to be added to his star studded collection of sounds, making him a relatively new comer to the scene. The label Traum was able to scoop up a lot of his originals and make them available for the masses early on, and if there is one thing that stands out in his original productions, it has to be the intricacy of his tunes. He hooks you with a catchy riff or bouncing bass line and throughout the track he induces chaos as all these different elements attempt to come together until he, the conductor of said sound, brings it all together for a gratifying release.

He now calls NYC home but doesn’t get the chance to spin there often. With a full calendar of dates in Berlin and UK, America might not be ready for his jelly. In watching and reading interviews with Dow to prepare for this piece, there is one quote by him that really stuck out to me, something that assures you this guy really understands what he’s meant to do in life. When asked why he makes music, he replied, “Songs for me are just my ideas expressed in a more danceable form.” To be able to experience his artistry in a way that connects you to his train of thoughts is what sets him apart from other producers at the moment, and surely points him steadfast in the direction he’s going.

I’ll leave you with his latest one hour live set for Rinse FM as we hang stateside waiting for the progressive tech madness to cross the pond. To better help this cause, throw him a follow on SoundCloud, Facebook, Twitter, whatever! And let him know we’re ready.