GDD™ Tech: Digital Dreams Festival Lives Up To Its Name


The technology has always been there, in fact, festivals like Coachella and Bonnaroo have been using it for years, but Electronic Nation, with the help of Intellitix and Greencopper, seeks to enhance the framework they’ve already laid out with their own Digital Dreams Festival app. Apps are becoming increasingly popular amongst the larger festivals, and for good reason. With large crowds comes greater threats to security. The less you need on you, the more secure your festival experience is. But it goes much deeper than that. The experience your are soon to share with thousands of people can be better improved by creating connections, to the artists, to other patrons, and with the festival itself. So what exactly makes the Digital Dreams Festival app a stand out in it’s category?


The Digital Wallet
Festivals tend to induce spending frenzies amongst festival-goers, whether it’s food, drinks, merch, or rides, there is a definitive need to have your money supply readily available, but it can get risky to carry a lot of cash or to be pulling your credit card out every 30 minutes. Thus, the digital wallet is born. With the Digital Dreams app you can carry your currency with you in non-physical form and still have access to all the same retail options. It’s marvelous, really, no stopping at the ATM on the way in, no ATM fees, no losing bills as they fall out of pockets, no getting pick pocketed, no leaving your card by mistake, and no frantic e-mails to support accounts to try and track down your lost belongings. You are safe and secure and free to spend your money how you see fit without being limited to the liquid amount you have on you.


The Eager Beaver
It’s impossible to know everyone on any festival lineup, I consider myself quite the connoisseur of sounds, yet I’m impressed if I can say I know 85% of a lineup. The Digital Dreams app seeks to fill in that extra 15% by connecting you directly to the participating artist’s sounds via SoundCloud, making every patron an expert on the lineup. On top of that you can construct your own agenda and plan your time accordingly to make sure you don’t miss the names you do know. Push notifications to remind you were my savior at Coachella, as well as notifications that let me know who was late and what to expect of their tardiness. With all the chaos that comes from floating around a festival, any sense of order that can be instilled is a win in my book.


Social Integration
It’s the age of the Facebook..and Twitter, and Instagram, and whatever else you hooligans are updating these days. Anything that bridges the divide between real time uploading and the finger numbing thumbing through of apps is greatly appreciated. Not to mention the Photo Booth feature and it’s on-screen ad ons that are sure to skyrocket your selfie game into the outer realms of the selfie-sphere. By syncing your wristband to your social networks you can quickly and efficiently induce FOMO without having any live FOMO of your own. While we’ve seen a lot of festivals with features like this available, it’s your ability to share in app that makes it a stand out in it’s field. You now have the ability to see what’s going on in real time at other parts of the festival, should you feel inclined to find a more proper hang.

While Technology takes a lot of slack these days for detracting from the overall music experience, it’s great to see Applications which seek to enhance and make the lives easier for patrons attending festivals. With Digital Dreams aiming to improve your personal security and connect you with other like minded attendees it’s easy to see why an idea like this would catch on. If your attending this years Festival be sure to download the app and be safe up there Toronto!