BABECHELLA is a Playlist Series for Your Desert Drives, by a Babe

It takes a babe to blog us into festival season, sometimes.  Actress, model and music video muse, Victoria Geil, has this weekend covered for ya.  The anxious excitement of the drive out to this magical world on the barren edge of nothingness… the total and unapologetic poolside maxing as the sunshine and liquors flow… the punctuated moments of elation… the epic naps that tie it all together.

It’s all here, ladies and gentlemen: this is Coachella, as told by a babe.  If you’re a babe, you’ll love this.  If you love babes, you’ll need this.

This three mixtape series is conveniently tailored for use from the moment you begin your pilgrimage to the desert, to the moment you return to your respective basecamps upon the fateful completion of that final Sunday set.  Get it into you.

Then follow me for more, as we explore BABECHELLA 2: Party Vibes and BABECHELLA 3: Chill Vibes in playlists and commentary.

(Words & Photos by/of Victoria Geil herself, respectively…)

Round #$&?

Ready, Set, RALLY.

Being a slightly introverted secret nerd myself, sometimes you just need a T.O. from the lights, excitement, & party vibes. This playlist is for when you find that coveted shady spot and need to chill for a moment. Ahhhh, 35 minutes of rest. I suggest downloading the playlist since you won’t have service or battery life.


• Bon Iver – Flume (Kulkid Remix)

My first time hearing Bon Iver was by discovery at Sasquatch music festival in ’09 – I wandered to the beautiful lullabies just as the sun was setting and was moved to tears by the sheer beauty of the shared experience.  Here’s to many more epic moments at Coachella this year. Flume plays Friday the 11th and 18th, so stoked.

• Sam Smith – Stay With Me (Shy FX Remix)

28 year old Englishman, Sam Smith garnered glittering accolades and major attention for his vocals on Disclosure’s track “Latch.”  His latest track “Stay With Me” is his finest yet, causing the listener to stop in their tracks to listen.  Shy FX makes it move and groove with reggae-dancehall and drum and bass additions.

• AlunaGeorge – Kaleidoscope Love (Kaytranada Edition)

You should know this song by now. Swiped from Gotta Dance Dirty’s the Dirt.
AlunaGeorge plays on Sunday the 13th and 20th.

• Falling Skies (Feat. Yushichi) – Comets We Fall

New single by songwriter-producer Jerry Yeh. Yushichi lives in Sweden and is currently collaborating with Jerry on a future EP. They’re releasing an epic music video soon that travels from the top of the US Bank Tower to the edge of the sea, featuring actor Jeremy Reyes & *ahem* me.

• Groove Armada – My Friend

Chill jam – influencing Chet Faker’s “No Diggity”, perhaps?  As major players on the scene, Groove Armada throw down for an EDM classic sound. Is it too soon to start naming classics in electronic dance? So many questions.

• Will Heard & Cara Delevigne – Sun Don’t Shine (Vijay & Sofia Zlatko Remix)

Okay, so Cara’s like super duper cool right? Her and J Law are kicking butt for the chill homegirls.  Respect.
Watch the acoustic jam version as well, featuring ridiculously beautiful people.

• Another Love – Tom Odell

23 year old British singer-songwriter and future ex sings epic vocals with haunting eyes. He plays at Coachella on Friday the 11th and 18th.

• Marvin Gaye – Sunny – Mercury Edit II

I dare you to try and not smile to this Marvin Gaye bootleg by Swiss producer Mercury.

• Don’t Wait – Mapei (Giraffage Remix)

Coming from Stockholm, Mapei has blown up with her recording of “Don’t Wait”. Giraffage’s self proclaimed “sample-based pop” tracks are consistently solid, refreshing and expertly crafted.

• Bonus Track: Tristesse Contemporaine – I Do What I Want (Vitesse Contemporaine Remix by Romain Turzi)

From Record Makers comes a new single by Trisesse Contemporaine. Do what you want, (never get caught).


Acts I’m looking forward to:
• Friday – MS MR, Woodkid, Shlohmo, A$AP Ferg, Caravan Palace, The Knife & Bonobo

• Saturday – DARKSIDE, CHVRCHES, Banks, Mogwai, Warpaint, Lorde, Solange
(GDD Side Note™: Victoria is a badass and in two artists’ music videos that day – Foster the People’s ‘Coming of Age’ and Pharrell’s ‘24 hours of Happy’)

• Sunday – Disclosure, Art Department, Maceo Plex, Chance the Rapper, Aeroplane, Daughter, Blood Orange


Party Vibe Details…

• Kavinsky – Odd Look (ft. The Weeknd)

This song has been so good to me. It’s not a pump up mix without Kavinsky!
Makes everything in your car 10x more epic, even if it is waiting in line to park.

• Johnny Danger – Kobe (Original Mix)

The songwriter/musician/producer and sound designer for Sky Ferriera, homie Johnny Danger drops this amazing original tune, using samples of sneaker squeaks for extra pump up vibes. Keep your eye on him, he’s about to blow up.

• James Blake & Chance the Rapper – Life Round Here

Awesome collaboration, epic jam. Part time love is the life we live. :/ we never donnnnee.
Chance the Rapper performs live on Sunday.

• Sam Smith – Money On My Mind (Salute Mix)

This excellent track released only a few days ago with already thousands of I don’t like to play favorites, but Sam Smith is definitely one.

• MS MR – Think Of You (RAC Mix)

A top epic summer track that I am so stoked to be able to experience live. MS MR plays Friday.

• Lorde – Royals (Jean Raw Mix)

When GDD first posted this song I was traveling back to my hipster homeland, Portland, OR. I couldn’t stop playing it while jumping around the Ace Hotel with some of my BFFs. Still has that effect honestly.
Lorde performs live Saturday.

• Riton – That Somebody (Are You That Somebody) Feat. Aaliyah

Riton knows how to bring the party vibes and has been touring with Kavinsky the past year.
RIP Aaliyah. Still so great to this day. Solid throwback.

• Disclosure – January (Kaytranada Edition)

Thanks to Jonah, I saw Disclosure’s first US show on Halloween at the Fonda Theatre in 2012. I went as Sonmi-451 which was a reincarnation of Tron from the year before, which Skrillex said was the best costume of all night. Disclosure plays Sunday. Epicness will ensue.

• Duck Sauce – NRG (Skrillex, Kill The Noise, Milo & Otis Remix)

Speaking of Skrillex, I’m certain this will be the track heard all over Coachella for EDM pump ups.
Duck Sauce performs on Sunday and Skrillex plays on Saturday.

• Haim – If I Could Change (MK Regrets Dub)

Haim’s indie vocals get transformed into a dubby dance tune. Track remixed by Los Angeles based MK Marc Kinchen, who certainly seems to know how to dance dirty.
Haim plays live Friday.

• BANKS – Warm Water (Snakehips Remix)

BANKS breaks out another great melody, remixed into a relaxed electro jam. Her latest track Brain is produced by Shlohmo, who’ll be playing on Saturday. Banks performs live on Sunday.

• Pharrell – Happy (NEUS Remix)

A groovy step sound for a breakout track. So slap on a smile if don’t have one growing already, and get in there for those final acts!


Chill Vibe Details…

• Dreams – Fleetwood Mac (Psychemagik Crystal Vision Mix)

Thank you to Stevie for this gem …and for the Coachella Bracelet!! Stevie’s my magical, musical guardian. Psychemagik is mega rad too, especially for sampling Fleetwood Mac.
GDD Side Note™: ya bae u no i gotchu.

• Rhye — Woman (Eprom Remix)

Wait, why isn’t Rhye playing Coachella…anyone? I tried catching him at FILTER’s Culture Collide in Echo Park where he performed in a capacity-filled church. Apparently the house was full almost an hour before his show. Anyways his solo album is beautifully sexy and soothing all at once. And from what I could hear through the church doors and from friends afterwards, his live show is even better.

• Washed Out Floral Pattern – DGTLTMPL

A personal favorite from Mirrorball Entertainment’s hot songwriter/producer Coleman Trapp under his experimental name DGTLTMPL. Sounds like The Beatles’ “Norwegian Wood” with a slight touch of video game sounds. A good song to listen to while checking out some art installations..or while you’re tripping balls.

• Just Friends – Don’t Tell Me – Other People

Newest track from Nicolas Jaar’s new subscription label Other People.
My perception on how music could be made and played live changed when I was introduced to Nicolas Jaar at Sonar Music Festival in Barcelona, 2011. He conducted a pow wow of musicians and midis, improvising like jazz into each of his own written tracks, composing a never ending sound continuum.
Minutes later I would be outside watching Four Tet standing next to Nico, losing my mind. Still kicking myself for being too shy to say hello. (See slightly introverted secret nerd note above)

• Four Tet – Ellie Burn remix

Four Tet, genius. EDM classics hall of fame. He really liked Ellie Goulding’s Burn and cut sample remixed it into an almost entirely different song. Ellie Goulding plays Friday the 11th and 18th.

• Woodkid – I Love You (Brodinski Remix)

Woodkid not only makes his own neofolk music but also his own epic music videos. I recommend watching Iron and I Love You. Woodkid plays on Friday the 11th and 18th. Not one to be missed since his set up and sound will be guaranteed amazing.

• Laura Mvula – She (MJ Cole Remix)

Laura Mvula plays at Coachella on Saturday in the Gobi tent.

• Dayglo Reflection (feat. Lana Del Rey) – Bobby Womack

Keeping it classy and downbeat with this track from Bobby Womack’s album The Bravest Man in the Universe. Lana Del Rey plays Sunday the 13th and 20th.

• Switzerland – Daughter

I have yet to find a song that calms me down, lifts me up and fills me with feeling quite like this song. I cannot wait to close my eyes and sway in the sunshine with grass under my feet when this song envelops me live. Daughter plays Sunday the 13th and 20th.



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