GDD™ Morning Update: SoundCloud, Scuba, Brian Eno/Karl Hyde


• SoundCloud set to hold discussions with major labels
• Stream a Mini-Mix of Scuba‘s ‘Phenix 1′ EP
Brian Eno and Karl Hyde reveal another collaborative track, ‘Daddy’s Car’

SoundCloud set to hold discussions with major labels

SoundCloud is set to hold copyright discussions with major labels and publishers, according to reports.
Digital Music News claims a pair of sources, who wish to remain anonymous, say that labels are unhappy with the manner SoundCloud works, due to owned content being uploaded by third parties.

As a result of user-uploaded content, the music site operates under a loophole within the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA).

One of the sources claimed that keeping track of all content is difficult for labels but used the British Phonographic Industry’s (BPI) policing of Google and YouTube as a good example.

“Their [catalog] is all over SoundCloud, and it’s essentially too hard to police but that doesn’t mean they won’t start. If you look at what’s happening over at Google and YouTube, you have the BPI flooding Google and YouTube with takedown notices.

“SoundCloud doesn’t want to start that because they could get completely flooded [with DMCA takedown demands]. And that’s just one way [the major labels] will start a war.”

(via Mixmag)


Stream a Mini-Mix of Scuba’s ‘Phenix 1′ EP


With the first in his series of three EPs arriving on April 14, Berlin-based Hotflush bossScuba has put together and shared a very quick mini-mix which previews all four tracks from his impending Phenix 1 EP. The nearly four minute session seems to barely break the surface of the forthcoming record, especially after we’ve already heard some of its tracks in full, and breezes by all too quickly. However, the new sounds we do hear fromPhenix 1 are certainly enticing, including the soft vocal melodies that grace the mix’s opening minute and the array of almost palpable atmospherics that Scuba has woven into each of his new productions. All three minutes and 40 seconds of the Phenix 1 mini-mix can be streamed below.

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Brian Eno and Karl Hyde reveal another collaborative track, ‘Daddy’s Car’


Another dispatch from Someday World. 

Brian Eno and Underworld’s Karl Hyde, you’ll likely have heard by now, are making an album together. The pair’s first collaborative effort, ‘The Satellites’ ,wasn’t exactly heartily received: the saccharine, vocal-led track quickly became something of a Twitter punchline, and got the shoe pie treatment in the FACT Singles Club.

Warp have now unveiled a second track from the pair, titled ‘Daddy’s Car’. Carnivalesque and cheery, it’s cut from a similar cloth to ‘The Satellites’ – which means you’ll already know whether you’re going to enjoy this one or not. Click below to listen.

Someday World is due on May 5 on Warp.

(via FACT Mag)