Justin Martin invades Exchange LA this Saturday for the second round of his residency and this time he brings the UK dirtybird Eats Everything with him for a special 8 hour b2b set! To get you ready for the long haul, we caught up with Eats about WMC and playing with Justin. We also got an exclusive ‘Reebeef’ of his for free download, so read what he had to say and grab the tune below!

Eats’ interview + exclusive download (after the jump)

GDD: We all survived another WMC! How was your week in Miami and what made this one special? Dirtybird BBQ? Paradise?

EE: My week was barely a day really!! I landed at 11pm Wednesday, had dinner with Justin & Barclay. Slept for 4hrs. Woke. Had breakfast, then went to the BBQ. Drank extensively till my set at 1am. DJ’d. Went to paradise. DJ’d. Stayed there till midday watching others DJ. Went to hotel, packed bag, went to airport. Denied upgrade. Died on the plane. It was a lovely time!!!

GDD: You and Justin finally have collaborated on another EP! We’ve been hearing “Steven Jello” in your sets for months, and “Kong” definitely leans to your beefy productions. What was the motive behind this EP?

EE: The motive was as it always is fun with a twist on what we each do. We always try and make what we consider to be forward thinking music whether it’s individually or collaboratively. Hopefully we get it right :)

GDD: Speaking of the Justin collab, what are these rumors we hear of a full length album together? Could it be true?

EE: We were planning to do one, then we ran out of time. We both still definitely want to do one together but having the touring schedules we have but living 13hrs apart and a 9hr time difference it is difficult.

GDD: You and Justin play an 8 hour back-to-back set this Saturday @ Exchange LA. Are you guys gonna have special guests or just be powering through like a full-time job?

EE: We are just going to be powering through. I play a lot of 5hr plus sets and it’s the most fun as you can play all sorts of shit. It’s gonna be a lot of fun as Justin is my fave person to play with.

GDD: What is it about Justin that makes it seem so easy for you guys to play together? Do you feed off the energy of each other’s selections?

EE: We just have a lot of fun together. That’s basically it. We are a pair of idiots who have very similar taste in music luckily.

GDD:  8 hours is a pretty serious shift. What’s the longest set you’ve had and where was it?

EE: I have played a lot of 7/8hr sets in the last year. The longest I played was 11hrs at Sands in Ibiza a couple of years back. It was mega!!!

GDD: Is it going to be interesting playing right when the doors open? I’m sure it’s been a while since you opened up a club night…

EE: As I said, I have played a lot of all night long sets in the past year so this is nothing new to me. It’s great fun!!

GDD: Finally, besides adding a lot more tunes onto the USBs, do you approach an extended B2B set like this differently than you would other sets?

EE: You have to go into it with the mindset of it being a marathon not a sprint. The crowd have to bear that in mind also as it isn’t going to be bangers right from the get go. We will go right across the board genre and tempo wise and it’s gonna be a fun little journey :)

Don’t miss Justin Martin & Eats Everything this Saturday @ Exchange LA!