[MIX] Forever Kid Live Debut @ Foreverland, Los Angeles


Foreverland Live Set by Foreverkidmusic on Mixcloud

This one’s been a long time coming.  My bud Joakim, 1/2 of Forever Kid, unveiled the location of an event known simply as Foreverland one fateful Saturday a few weeks ago, and a few hours later a cool 650 people and a veritable militia of street artists, sculptors, and painters had swarmed the spot ready for some strange.  What followed was a righteously sweaty couple hours of edits, remixes, and live, sample-triggering fingerwork storming through the ranks of disco, pop, funk, blog house, Super Mario, and beyond, from years past all the way up to today.

The night saw a vibrantly irreverent blend of people, genres, attire (costumes?), and vibrations; definitely toeing the line amongst one of the most safely bizarre spectacles I’ve ever seen fall into place, while ending up super fun all the same.  The icing on the cake?  They also must have packed at least a couple hundred $k of insanely colored art into the spot, including the sculptural debut of our dear friend scøw, with a couple neat pieces including a giant metallic Rubik’s Cube and Ring Pop.

I think I get why these dudes #refusetogrow up.  lol.