The name AC Slater has rung loud and clear on GDD since the blog house days, and its been something special watching the evolution of his sound and styles. Today we highlight his newest venture, or better yet the revival of his origins – known as NIGHT BASS. We caught up with AC about what this means, where its headed, and why you should be paying attention…

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GDD: I know you’ve been asked this several times but we have it hear it our way… what do you think when you hear the words NIGHT BASS?

AC: When I think of Night Bass I think of a combination of all the music that I really fell in love with at one point or another like UKG, Grime, Bassline, Rap, Old Skool Rave and whatever else. Anything that has a lot of bass gives me chills when I hear it. I’ve always loved UK music and Night Bass is just an American’s interpretation of it.

GDD: Your production has experimented through different styles over the past several years, but always kept to its bass heavy flavor… what influenced the switch to the house-driven styles of NIGHT BASS?

AC: I started out making bass-heavy jackin house back in 2007, influenced by people like Drop the Lime & Switch who were taking influences from both house and UKG while everyone else was making like indie-electro. Check out my earlier songs like “Bassline Time”, “Vertigo” and “Jack Got Jacked”. Dubstep was creeping in at the time and I loved it, so I dabbled a little with songs like “Calm Down”. I experimented for a couple years and ultimately ended up going back to where I started, with the bass-heavy house sounds, but with a modern flavor. I guess its what I know best.

GDD: The team up with PartyLikeUs and Dim Mak has made for a much hyped monthly party that has attracted educated fans and industry folk alike… what’s made the first 2 parties so special?

AC: Night Bass started in January, but I came up with the idea in October. There was no outlet to hear the music that I love, the music that I promote with my label, all these talented artists making cool shit that people need to hear. In November I reached out to Dim Mak to help me pull it off and they loved the idea. We began planning out all the aspects and we worked really hard on it. I wanted to create more than just an event, but a whole culture around the event. We do the live stream before the party so that people who aren’t in LA can check out the music. We do the “tape packs” which are recordings of the entire night, and you can hear the crowd, which makes you feel like you are there. Even the lighting is thought out. I wanted to bring it back to people hearing the music and making their own experience, not looking at a crazy light show or just watching some visual display.

I want the term Night Bass to be a description of the music. Not a genre, but more like a wider “sound” or feeling. Its the little things that make it special, and Dim Mak works hard to make sure everything come out correct. There’s even a special cocktail that you can only get at Night Bass, and it matches the vibe!

GDD: Many artists shy from the use of their live DJ sets being uploaded to the blogosphere, but NIGHT BASS has made this a key feature in its movement. What do you like (or dislike) about having the recordings, or these “Night Bass Tape Packs” available to the listeners?

AC: When I was a kid I used to order these tape packs from the UK which are basically like 6-12 tapes with recordings from a big event over there. It was so exciting to listen to them because I couldn’t be there and that was the next best thing. That was how I learned about a lot of UK club/rave music pre-MP3 era. That’s why I wanted to do the recordings. I want people in other places to listen and think “I need to be there!” Plus its just fun to relive the night.

GDD: Your label PartyLikeUs reflects a lot of the sounds in your own music… will it play any role in the awareness of NIGHT BASS?

AC: Whenever possible I want Party Like Us artists to come and play at Night Bass. Its a showcase of the music we release. I definitely want to do some Night Bass compilations and other stuff like that which links everything together.

GDD: In the future, can we expect other NIGHT BASS events in different cities or dare I say a NIGHT BASS tour?

AC: I’ve been getting a lot of requests to bring Night Bass to other cities. Its definitely something I want to do. I think cultivating it more in LA right now is important before stretching it out. Its still a baby! Ultimately I would love to see a Night Bass stage at a big festival.

Don’t miss the next NIGHT BASS on April 3rd @ Sound Nightclub, featuring SHIFT K3Y, RUFF HAUSER, AC SLATER, PETEY CLICKS, and BONES!