We’re very lucky to be bringing you this exclusive… the UK native and bass friendly Shadow Child has finally crossed the pond to come perform in the US, and he’s making his Los Angeles debut at Exchange LA this Saturday night! Coming off his massive essential mix debut last weekend, what better reason then to talk with the legend himself about how this whole project came to be and what he has planned for the future? Not only we’re we able to get some great insights in the interview, but we also have a very special VIP download for you guys :)

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GDD: Someone told us you coined the term “NU-K garage”… tell us what that means and how it applies to the music your making?What’s one thing in your production you really focuse on making your own and standing out as that “Shadow Child” sound?

SC: I forgot about that.. I was showing off on twitter at the the time and was presenting a name for some of the stuff Herve was putting out on his label in 2010, stuff from people like CRST. So I piped up with Nu-K Garage but this was 6 months before I started the Shadow Child project so I never link the 2 things together. The SC sound definitely draws from the UK Garage thing from the mid-90’s though at times, I loved the 4/4 stuff after I fell out of love with Drum n Bass but it was a short lived thing for me really. My sound definitely draws from the original DnB days too, but above all the character and identity you hear in any type of music is always the most important thing, and I think that’s what’s making this all tick at the moment, rather than simply pinning it on a scene or style of music.

GDD: Your label w/ Kry Wolf called FOOD MUSIC has been on the forefront for emerging underground artists such as Hannah Wants, Chris Lorenzo, Kill Frenzy and more… how are these artists and their styles helping shape the new face of dance music?

SC: These guys all have their own sound and contribute to what’s going on in the best ways at the moment, no matter what the label. We just believe with Food Music that we need to cement our place amongst so many other labels that are releasing amazing music, and make sure an identity comes through in the tracks we release. It’ll take time but it’s been the greatest start already and there so much to come this year.

GDD: Any news on a forthcoming Shadow Child album? What about any notable remixes or collaborations due out?

SC: My “Collected” album was out in December and is a story so-far type thing really with the best of all the remixes and originals until now, but an actual artist album in itself..? Not just yet. It’s something I’d love to do but it could never be just House music right through, and for that to happen I need to let my larger audience discover that I’m actually not just about 4/4 dance-floor records, theres alot more to what I want with this project musically. The time will come for sure though.. I’m just not saying when! There are some collaborations coming, one with Doorly who’s returned much more to his House roots, and also T Williams. Both of those will be around before the summer on Food Music and PMR respectively.

GDD: You’ve been a well respected DJ, as Dave Spoon for BBC Radio 1, and in the electro house driven world. Is there anything special that you do to make the Shadow Child performance unlike any other?

SC: The Music is so different, and I love it. Every week theres hoards of great new music that I get to showcase on my Rinse FM show (Wednesdays4pm EST), which is the only reason I’m back on the raddio. It’s much more exciting this time around, but I’m also very proud of what I did before. The electro house days of Dave Spoon were equally as amazing with some real highs, but I fell out of love with the sound and where it went.. the big-room EDM sound lost something for me. I’m a kid who grew up on bumping house, UK Rave and DnB. So electro/EDM didn’t fit for me any more, especially creatively. The Radio 1 days were also very special, but it was a time when that sound was fading for me, people in the UK were much more inspired by Dubstep and thats what grew that sound. I actually identified more with some of the early Dubstep back then (Kode9/Punch Drunk especially), more than the electro house. It was a strange place to be in, but I only look at it as a pathway to what I’m doing now. I’m happy i went through the motions, but although I was lost for a few months it’s a process that helped my creativity hugely. Without that there’s nothing.

GDD: You begin your North American tour this week, and we couldn’t be more excited for your LA debut this Saturday @ Exchange. What are you looking forward to the most about this tour and your performance in Los Angeles? (Your show in LA is much anticipated haha)

SC: Well, I can’t wait! I played a few times in Nth America as Dave Spoon but that was way before the scene had really exploded like it has, so I only ever dipped my toes in. It’s a real buzz to bring my sound here and I can’t wait to see how it goes down. I have no idea what to expect from Exchange LA in particular, but I know it’s gonna be special!

To show his excitement for the US tour , Shadow Child has given us the exclusive on his special VIP of “Get Lucky” (covered by Daughter) that he capped off his Essential Mix with last week. This baby has so many feels on it, so don’t be afraid to give it some love 😉

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