GDD™ Guest Mix: Dr. Fresch + Quick 5 Q&A


LA’s Dr. Fresch has been cultivating a strong online presence with his catchy bass-driven productions, while running his own label, Prep School Recordings, that is becoming a hub for emerging talent. With a diverse style ranging from chilled-out trap to disco and deep house, he draws upon a medley of influences to manifest his genre-fusing sound that has won him top spots on the Hype Machine and Billboard’s Next Big Sound. In his guest mix, Dr. Fresch weaves through club-ready floor fillers, like his latest track, “You’re My Obsession” ft. Nate Dogg & Animotion, Dusky’s “Careless,” and Tchami’s A Tribe Called Quest remix, before slowly dropping the tempo for a smooth, vibey finish.

Apart from his mix, we were able to catch up with Dr. Fresch about his latest single, LA’s influence on his music, plans for Prep School Recordings, and his own future musical endeavors. Read the full interview and check out the tracklist for the mix after the jump.


Quick 5 Q&A:

Gotta Dance Dirty: GDD™ interview tradition: What do you like to drink?
Dr. Fresch: My drink of choice is a Gin & Tonic if I’m at the club, or a White Russian if I’m relaxing in the studio.

GDD: So you’ve just unveiled your new track, “You’re My Obsession.” Tell us a bit about the release.
Dr. Fresch: A couple months ago I was playing Grand Theft Auto: Vice City and my favorite track from the game’s soundtrack, Animotion – “Obsession” came on. It had been years since I had thought about this track, and knew that I needed to remix it. I found the studio acapella and got to work. I laid a foundation for an 80’s inspired nu disco / ghetto house track, but knew that I needed something to spice up the project and replace the verse vocals from “Obsession”. The double remix format I used in “Juicy Diner” with Suzanne Vega and Biggie would so well that I thought the best approach would be to replicate that format in “You’re My Obsession”. Nate Dogg’s vocals came to me right away, so I locked in the verses from “I Got Love” and the track just worked.

GDD: How has living in Los Angeles helped shape your sound?
Dr. Fresch: The LA electronic music scene supports a diverse array of styles and artists; the deep house, nu disco, trap, and indie electronic scenes are all equally strong here. I’ve drawn inspiration from artists (LA based and beyond) from all of those sub-genres to create the sexy, groovy, emotion packed Dr. Fresch brand. My style is incredibly diverse (Like the LA electronic scene), but I aim to achieve consistency in my style and approach with all of my remixes (instrumentally, and through the emotions I try to evoke in my listeners). I see my style progressing alongside the LA music scene in the future; continuing to grab inspiration from a number of different genres to keep solidifying the Dr. Fresch brand.

GDD: What can we expect from your label, Prep School Recordings, this year?
Dr. Fresch: We have a ton of awesome releases coming out on Prep School this Spring. We’re focusing heavily on pushing LA inspired deep house and nu disco, UK style vocal driven garage pop, and forward thinking big room. We’ve had a lot of success with both our big room and underground releases in the last six months, and our goal moving forward is to approach both of those worlds with the most forward thinking perspective. Look out for releases from Mossberg Pump, The Supertraxxe and Blastranauts in the next couple months!

GDD: What’s next for Dr. Fresch?
Dr. Fresch: In March I’ll be releasing a collab remix with LA big room regulars Goshfather & Jinco. The project is a future trap take on the 90’s classic “Lovefool” by the Cardigans. The remix is a perfect blend of our styles. I’m also working on a deep house original collaboration with Prep School artists Modus and Wilks. In addition to those projects, I have three originals I’m wrapping up for releases later this Spring, and have been working on a couple more unofficial freebie remixes too. I hope to be back in NY and possible Chicago to play later this Spring, and potentially some gigs outside the US as well, I couldn’t be more excited for this spring!


Dr. Fresch – You’re My Obsession (ft. Nate Dogg & Animotion)
Tyler Touch – Heart In Motion (Motez Remix)
Dusky – Careless (Original Mix)
Shadow Child – Friday (ft. Takura) (MK Medicine Dub)
Route 94 – My Love (ft. Jess Glyne)
Disciples – Remedy (Original Mix)
Flashmob – Need In Me (Original Mix)
Eliza Doolittle – Walking On Water (Bixel Boys Remix)
A Tribe Called Quest ft Faith Evans – Stressed Out (Tchami Remix)
Sable – Feel So Good (Original Mix)
Ellie Goulding – Tessellate (Kastle Remix)
Dickystixxx – Love & Motion (Original Mix)
Elaski – Want You (Original Mix)
Paces – Open Up Your Eyes (Chiefs Remix)
Cassie – Me & U (Dr. Fresch’s Take Me Home Remix)


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