[EXCLUSIVE] Mustard Pimp Interview and Mixtape


After a year long hiatus, it seems French producer/DJ Mustard Pimp is back. And not only is the hard-stepping musician making a return, he’s doing so with a new sound and a new mixtape with which to show it off. Having coined the term ‘neo-gabber’, Mustard Pimp has developed what is best described as an ode to 90’s 160 BPM gabber records – by flipping them on their heads and spinning them into 125 BPM techno gremlins.

Read our exclusive interview about his return to music after the jump, and as a bonus here’s a first look at his brand new mixtape Isometrix 2, which includes a brand new track entitled Kick Back somewhere inside. Where? Well you’ll just have to find out.

Gotta Dance Dirty(GDD):Hi! How are you, what are you doing?
Mustard Pimp (MP): Hi, I’ve been good. Nothing.

GDD: What’s happened the past year with Mustard Pimp? It seems 2013 was an empty void for you.
MP: I went on a spiritual journey, traveling across the Netherlands. It was quite rewarding. I also invested all of my money in a record label that makes music for deaf people. Needless to say, I lost all of my money on that one.

GDD: What inspired you to breathe a different light to the project?
MP: I took one glance at the Beatport Top 10 charts last year, had a seizure, and stayed in hospital for 2 months. It was enough to know somebody needed to try something different.

GDD: You seem to not only avoid trends in music but actively kick against them. Why?
MP: Personally, I just feel I wouldn’t be satisfied with myself if I did things exactly the same way everybody else did. I might be passing up a shit-pile of money in doing so, but whatever. Pride can’t be bought, and with my mom still being alive, the threat of “shame” is always there.

GDD: What’s with the term neo-gabber? Did you create it? Were you a big gabber person back in the day?
Neo (new) + Gabber = Neo-Gabber. Didn’t go too much further than that in my thinking, other than that I really wanted to renew this genre that I love that’s essentially been dead for years. I’m still experimenting with different sounds right now but I like the idea of taking new inspiration from the original hardcore scene in the 90s, which I was definitely a part of as a kid.

GDD: So is this mix just all slowed down old gabber records? Or are you making it yourself? Is anyone else doing something similar? Do you make it at 160 BPM and slow it down or just roll 120 BPM from the start?
MP: There’s a lot of different styles in this mix actually, I mixed in a few of “slowed-down” gabber tunes, tunes that I used to love back in the day, just to see how people respond to it now. But I’ve also included some brand tunes in the mix, some exclusives from newer artists, classic gabber tunes, as well as some new exclusive Mustard Pimp tracks, including “KickBack” which we’ll be releasing her very soon. If there’s anyone else doing something similar? I don’t know, I pretty much delete most of the promos I receive and explore for myself on Soundcloud.

GDD: What other music are you excited about this year? Is the dance and overall musical spectrum moving in a direction you enjoy? Why or why not? What are you trying to do to aid / prevent things happening?
MP: Electro is dead in my opinion, I have a particular distaste for all these new electronic music trends that pop up, In that way its hard to say I’m excited about anything new that’s coming out, maybe that’s why I’m reaching back for inspiration. Techno is here to stay though, creativity is still alive and well in that scene. And no, I’m not really trying to aid or prevent anything specifically, just focusing on doing my own thing.

GDD: Is the aesthetic of Neo-Gabber purely just the BPM and hardstylings? Is there a visual or other creative aesthetic you hope to develop?
MP: Nah, differences in BPM aren’t really a big deal anymore. I’m finding inspiration in the old analog synth sounds. Sounds that have been forgotten in this time of laptops, software, and home studio shortcuts. And yes, I’m pulling a lot of visual inspiration from not only gabber but from the 90s in general, and I’m thinking this will be expressed in a lot of ways, not just in the music but in the graphics, and music videos I put out with the music.

GDD: If you could trade lives for a day with anyone, alive or dead, who would it be? What would you want to see / do?
MP: With a guy who won at least 100 million in the lottery. I’d buy a house in the boonies and tune the world out. Sounds like a good plan. I’ll probably try to make friends with Kurt Russell too. Kurt Russell really is on another level.

GDD: What’s next for Mustard Pimp?
MP: New tracks, new remixes, more mixtapes, and eventually new shows.