[GDD™ Tech]: ToneDen Has Everything the Modern Musician Needs

For today’s musician, building out an official website is a necessary evil, one which can quickly become frustrating and expensive.  ToneDen looks to solve these problems by offering an elegant approach for the modern musician to showcase themselves online.  With a few clicks, each artist can now configure their own beautifully designed site.  Integrating their SoundCloud, Facebook, and Twitter accounts in one place, ToneDen also features a press kit generator for one sheets, and robust analytics.  Essentially, everything the modern musician could need.

The service basically becomes the central hub for everything the artist has happening online.  Fans, industry, and bloggers can now check out everything the artist has to offer in one professional home base.  Artists can see how their fan base is growing across all platforms, in one easy to use interface.  Content integrates and updates automatically, which I found easy to set up: as simple as signing into my accounts on the site.  The design and interface is reminiscent of Tumblr–always a good thing in my opinion–which makes sense, as Tumblr is likely the most technical most artists care to get online.  Analytics feels like an efficiently stripped down version of Google Analytics: all the nice metrics and pretty maps showing where people are coming from, without any of the overwhelming options.

The team is currently working with artists ranging from OWSLA-supported acts like The Juggernaut and Durante, to the Mad Decent-backed The Hi-Yahs and Udachi.  In my chats with the team recently, they discussed their ultimate vision to allow the music community to form and manage all connections in one place.  Sign up is free, with a premium service free for the first 30 days, then offered at $5/month.  This includes the ability to generate one sheets (an electronic press kit/resume which is commonly sent out as “everything you need to know” attachment in the industry), as well as an unbranded site with a custom .com URL.  The guys set us up with a discount code, so be sure to enter “DIRTYDISCOUNT” when upgrading your account for 40% off a yearly subscription and enjoy.  😉

Looking forward to seeing how this service progresses, as I haven’t seen much like it in terms of what it provides the artist. 

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