GDD™ Sexiest DJs of 2013


Ah, another year, another round of Gotta Dance Dirty’s roundup of the year’s ‘sexiest’ DJs from NYC’s very own Three Wise as well as yours truly. What started as a joke turned in to a mini internet frenzy and more importantly ignited a discussion of to what makes a DJ ‘sexy’. 2013 was a big leap for dance music, and aiding this leap was a fine selection of boys and girls who in different forms and ways got the world excited about music. It’s more than just looks, it’s more than how many groupies want to send you naked snapchats. So much more. To be a sexy DJ you have to ultimately hold your own, to be identifiable and recognizable amongst the masses as someone predominately good at their job, have their own sense of fashion, humor, and philosophies, someone who is confident in who they are and what they are capable of. In this sense, we’ve gathered our favorite ten DJs that have made an imprint on us this year, sparked a sense of excitement and wonder in our eyes, ears, and hearts.

So without further ado you can find our selection of the ten sexiest DJs of the year after the jump, my selections in BLUE and Three Wise’s in RED.

10. Dillon Francis

I don’t find a single quality more attractive than humor, and Dillon Francis reigns supreme as funniest DJ in the scene. Add that to good looks, amazing talent and a quirky fashion sense and Dillon has us sweatin‘. Remember that time he completely train wrecked at Ultra but just made us love him more? Or what about his love affair with Taco Bell?  And have you gone one-deeper yet with DJ Hanzel? I highly recommend it. Even his merch store is amazing and gave us such gems as Dillon Francis & 12th Planet: Ghost, The Babysitter, and Dillon Francis bakes you cookies.   Oh yeah…his music is good too.

9. Brenmar

There’s reason why Brenmar joins the ranks of GDDs sexiest DJs is simple: everything about him is impossibly unique. From his coiffed hairstyle, upscale urban fashion sense, selection of monochromatic tattoos, and energetic take on a new style of club music, nobody does it even remotely like Bill Salas. A tailored blend of Chicago, NYC, and LA, Brenmar packs a powerful punch on a soundsystem and it’s exciting to watch him work. He’s truly found his element and we all know confidence is one of the sexiest thing a person can have. Brenmar, you nasty.

8. DJ Snake

It seems that suddenly DJ Snake has been everywhere this year, and each time I hear about him there is a really sexy, dark and mysterious photograph accompanying it. Even his live-show photos are attractive. But more than that, he has managed to make Trap classy….how is that even possible? I don’t know, but look at this re-cap video he made of his show at Webster Hall, unanimously known as the the least classy venue in NYC. Clair De Lune. CLAIR DE LUNE. Out of all those who Turn Up, DJ Snake has the most style, class and mystery (and lets be honest – the French know how to do mystery).

7. Driis

Probably better known for his acting credits (Mandela: Long Walk To Freedom, Thor, The Wire, James Bond????) Idris Elba has also been a longstanding figure in the House scene as Driis. Not only is he a fantastically talented actor, an amazingly good looking model and a tastemaker in the music scene – he also kills it on the decks. My only question is when will Driis make an appearance in America?

6. Kastle

He can make you dance, he can make you think, he can make you feel. Kastle‘s got the assets that connect you with some of the best parts of being alive, and being able to spread that is definitely sexy. Though his personal visual aesthetic is mostly chromatic, Kastle’s colorful music has altered every ear it’s touched. It’s seriously astounding how many people who are introduced to Kastle fall in love with his music; the one’s I’ve introduced have continued to be avid fans, hungry for more of his work and mixes and even going so far as to explore the world he’s introduced to them. And how can you not love a man who wears the hell out of a suit and has enough books make your head spin?

5. Nina Kraviz

As the first lady on our list Nina Kraviz does not leave much wanting. Her brooding sexy look is emphasized by the dark techno she  spins, usually flawlessly. Her music choices are always top notch and her production skills are definitely at their peak. If I were a guy I’d want to date her and as a girl I want to be her.

4. Hot Since 82

With one of the biggest remixes of the year as well as a quite successful album that got picked up by Ultra Music, Hot Since 82 is having his biggest year yet. Beyond his staggering good looks (everybody loves a British boy) and dance-floor success, what slams Hot Since 82 so high on this list is his down-to-earth personality. Plenty of DJs in the realm of music he makes and plays catch a bit of an ego, or are just generally awkward, but not Daley Padley. A goofy demeanor, a close involvement with the crowd, and an honest approach make him an easy pick.

3. Louisahhh!!!

Louisa Pillot is a wonderful and genuine human being, and in the midst of a million mediocre DJs and hundreds of self-pitying / self-aggrandizing ‘female DJs’ she stands out for all the right reasons. Every time I saw Louisahhh DJ this year she got astronomically better, and by spring she had become my favorite DJ to watch. Her blistering take on techno booms through your brain and entrances everyone who watches it. When I saw her play 4+ hours in Paris she had a huge mass of people and groupies absolutely losing it the whole time. Her playful personality and positive energy towards life, her family at Bromance Records and music radiates far and wide. With hard work, drive and positivity like hers it’s no wonder she was one of my first choices for sexiest DJs.

2. Brodinski

It seems that Bromance Records be where all the hotties at…and label boss Brodinski leads the group as the sexiest. Tall, with classic good looks, great sense of humor and  fantastic fashion sense, Brodi has been killing it this year looks and talent wise. Continuing to bring his label to new heights, there have been Bromance shows the world over – with several coming in the New Year as well as with the success of label-mate Gesaffelstein’s debut LP Aleph. Blending his signature techno style with hip-hop influences, his own performances have never been better and to top it all off he’s credited as a producer on Kanye’s new album. With all these achievements it will be exciting to see what 2014 will bring!

1. Loco Dice

It’s hard to put why Loco Dice topped our list this year into words; I could wax poetic about how special it is to watch Loco Dice play, but you truly have to witness it to believe it. My entire philosophy towards what makes a DJ set amazing was changed the first time I watched him. I love to dance but I call it quits after a few hours or at least take breaks, but for the first time I danced for well over six hours without leaving my 10ft radius on the dancefloor even once. The tall, tattooed, buff + scruff formula is one that’s hard to resist, but it’s Dice’s passion and prowess that push him all the way to the #1 spot on this year’s list.