O&A Holiday Treats [MIXTAPE + INTERVIEW]

O&A, the legendary combination of Louis Osbourne and Jamie Anderson, have been riding steady under the riptide of house music, maintaining the stream of pure, danceable tunes that act as precise club weapons across the globe. I’d expect nothing less of a duo where each of them have lived and breathed music from birth. Their tracks on home label Play It Down are almost confoundingly simply and thusly extremely effective. In cooking, adding fat is said to add flavor, and in the case of O&A it is the same. Fat tracks with a Chicago influence are the bread and butter of house, able to be mixed and added and interpreted by DJs and fans alike.

I’ve managed to catch the fine gentlemen just before the holidays, and since all three of us were feeling generous (tis the season) we’ve managed to package up a lovely little exclusive interview and 70 minute mixtape for your pre-Christmas pleasure. So while you’re on a plane, train, or car to head home for the holidays, press play and bump this away to your heart’s content.

You can check out O&A’s latest EP on Play It Down here: O&A – BASEMENT BEATS EP


How are you guys, what are you up to?
We are great thanks, winding up a busy year and project planning for next year, which will include a studio move to Berlin as well as label and party planning.

How did you guys first come together and decide to work on music?
JA: Louis asked me to record some tracks for a record label he started a few years ago. We worked on a track were he got K-Alexi to do some vocals which did quite well, and from there I asked if he wanted to come to my studio and work on more collaborations. We subsequently formed Osbourne & Anderson as a production duo – now known simply as O&A.

How has the spectrum of house you’re in changed over the years? What is something you’d like to bring back?
House music is always evolving and looking back, then evolving more… which is a good thing. It seems like Deep House with a Speed Garage influence produced by kids that grew up on Dubstep is the current trend. Bring back DJs that can beat-match!

Favorite club / city in the world to play?
LO: D-Edge, Sao Paulo is my favourite club to play in. I love playing in Brazil.
JA: The Made For The Night events are always good, whichever city it’s in.

If you could have any thing / person in the studio for you for just 24 hours, what / who would it be and why?
Gil Scott Heron or Nina Simone. Just stick them on the mic and let them wax it for hours on end. You’d never run out of vocal hooks for your tracks then, and it’d be all original unused hooks which are always tough to find.

One thing you wish you could have told yourself 10 years ago?
LO: To spend less time partying and more time in the studio!
JA: To spend more time partying, less in the studio!!

Favorite producers of the year?
Sidney Charles, CrossNineTroll, Tripmastaz, Jimmy Edgar, Jesse Rose and Macromism have all delivered great tracks.

Most annoying habit about the other, and habit of theirs you’d like to pick up yourself?
LO: Jamie always has a habit of finishing all the studio snacks, but he is also a habitual track finisher…. I wish I was more like that as I tend to walk away when I get to an impasse with a project!
JA: Louis has a habit of passing out after a couple of beers and can’t really handle his drink… wish I could be like that.

Drink of choice?
Mojitos all night long!!! Or a Speyside malt whiskey like Aberlour 18 year.

Tell us a bit about your mixtape, and what’s up next for O&A?
The mix is just a jackin tracky 70 minute hustle that is totally representative of our sound. It’s just solid house music with Chi-town flavours.

1) O&A – All Night [Play It Down]
2) Dan Ghenacia – Ometeo (Dyed Soundorom Remix) [Apollonia]
3) Christian Nielsen – Pawn Shop [Unsigned]
4) Sidney Charles – Hustler Stomp [I’m A House Gangster]
5) Malin Genie – Rolas [Tomorrow Is Now, Kid!]
6) DJ Sneak – 1 For Da Clowns (O&A Edit) [I’m A House Gangster]
7) O&A – Basement Beats [Play It Down]
8) Trip+Beb – Choot Choot [Plant 74]
9) Hector Moralez, Horatio – Jazzistan [Circus Recordings]
10) O&A – Blowin The Jive [Magnetic Recordings]
11) Chris Count – Ghetto House [Funktion Recordings]
12) Jay Lumen & Max Demand – Hipster Chicks (Dub Version) [Suara]
13) O&A – Noho [Play It Down]
14) Jimmy Edgar – Strike [Ultramagic]
15) Parris Mitchell Project Feat. Wax Master – Ghetto Shout Out!!! [Dance Mania]