[DOCUMENTARY] No Album, No Press, No Poster: How Parov Stelar Swung A Sold Out Euro Tour

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Madness. Pure un-adulterated debauchery. You’ve heard good music before, but none like what Parov Stelar has to offer. They know that, the people of Europe know that, and now after watching their 40-minute tour documentary, I know that. It’s like a wormhole was opened up after a successful séance and the spirit and soul of the roaring twenties came ripping to the front of the stage. Combine that with modern dance culture and a melting pot of amazing vibes ruminates throughout the different venues. It’s not easy, putting on a Parov Stelar show. There’s three piece bands, five piece bands, and then there are the seven members that comprise Parov Stelar’s band. It’s unlike anything you’ve ever heard, in the best way possible. It’s unique, in a nostalgic sort of way. Not that you know what the roaring twenties were like, but one can certainly understand the explosion of individualism in modern terms, and that’s what makes the sound so exciting.

It’s one thing to sell out a tour when you just released an album, have been on the press train for months doing interviews, talk shows, whatever your Press Manager says to sell tickets, but Parov Stelar did so with none of the above. Show’s started popping up and people started showing up. Each venue was transformed into a living breathing sweatbox with Parov conducting the chaos. In the documentary you get a good look into the maniac responsible for hosting such a party, he’s temperamental, abrasive, but a man who knows what he wants. When it comes time to hit the stage he rallies his team and comes out swinging. The dedication is felt all around as the band makes due with extreme conditions, a sick vocalist, and a power outage. The people came to see a show and The Parov Stelar Band won’t leave until the people get what they came for.

What’s interesting is hearing the band talk about how they had to research and look up “electro-swing” on the internet. To them they are just making music, music that speaks to them personally, whatever the product is, it’s most certainly not something that can be packaged up under an all encompassing banner. It’s an idea that transforms as the band grows and is absolutely connected to who they are as individuals. This piece of them that defines their sound becomes this exaltation on stage as they expel memories from their past in musical form. To us, it is electro swing, as we search for a way to define things in order to make ourselves comfortable, but to them, it’s who they are.

So I guess it’s time to answer the question of how Parov Stelar was able to sell out a whole tour with no proper press around it, and the answer is quite simple. He isn’t bringing you a concert, or a show, it’s just simply a damn good time. It’s music you can grab your friend and swing them around the dance floor to, music that makes you want to jump, shout, move your body uninhibitedly. It’s music that frees you from the confines of your daily life, an auditory escape like no other. There’s emotion involved, you feel what you hear and it resonates. Some people have a hard time losing control, but Parov Stelar teaches you that it’s okay to bring the ruckus. This embracing environment he creates through sound does not go unnoticed, and is undoubtably what adds to the allure of one of his shows. While this tour has concluded, and no dates refreshed on the calendar, one can only hope the band travels overseas to bring the house down in the states.

Catch the full 40 minute documentary here: http://www.parovstelar.com/
Spotify: http://open.spotify.com/artist/ParovStelar
SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/parov_stelar