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Seth Troxler announces 2014 residencies
DEMF returns to Detroit after twelve years
The Martinez Brothers Give Away New EP


Seth Troxler announces 2014 residencies

Throughout 2014, Seth Troxler will be going back to his roots, starting new residencies at clubbing institutions close to his heart.

Seth Troxler is one of dance music’s most recognisable characters, the guy with the big hair and the even bigger personality who doesn’t take himself, or life, too seriously; a straight-up human being who plays by his own rules. These qualities, along with his passion and seemingly endless knowledge of house and techno, have established him as a figurehead for a new wave of underground electronic music that flies in the face of the disposable idiocy of mainstream ‘EDM’. As the global EDM bubble inflates towards bursting point, so many DJs seem to be constantly chasing bigger stages, larger crowds and increasingly over-inflated fees. In 2014, Seth plans to do something completely different.

“With all hype surrounding EDM and many DJs just focusing mainly on festivals and larger events, I feel that dance music is losing touch with its roots”, explains Seth. “While I love playing to thousands of people at festivals, nothing beats a smoke-filled room, interacting with a crowd that you regularly get to spend time with and a killer sound system that’s purpose-built to fit the space.”

The concept behind ‘Seth Troxler Goes Clubbing’ is as simple as the name implies. 2014 will see Seth commit to play regularly at those key nightclubs that have been integral in moulding Seth into the DJ he is today. In a time where extravagant light shows and expensive pyrotechnics are ubiquitous in dance music, the desire to ground yourself and get back to basics as a DJ is understandable.

Seth continues, “There is nothing that can replace the energy and intensity of a great club. Clubs provide that unique atmosphere where the DJ and crowd are able to connect on a very intimate level and really invest in each other, ideally over an extended period of time.”

‘Seth Troxler Goes Clubbing’ involves the following clubs:

Circo Loco (Ibiza): Building on three previous summer residencies at Ibiza’s best known underground club, Seth will be embarking on another ten date run of shows throughout summer 2014 starting in mid June and running through to the closing in October.

fabric (London): While not technically a residency as such – as fabric’s stalwart residents are Craig Richards and Terry Francis – Seth will playing Room One once a quarter throughout 2014 starting on Saturday 15th February.

Trouw (Amsterdam): Seth will be undertaking a quarterly residency at Amsterdam’s best loved underground institution which will see him inviting some of his favorite DJs to play alongside him and also getting involved cooking and curating menus in the club’s restaurant, starting on 21st February.

Output (New York): Another quarterly residency playing a mixture of all night shows and alongside hand-picked guests at New York’s newest underground venue starting on the 22nd March.

He will also be playing multiple gigs throughout the year at other venues that have played a key part in supporting him over the years like Panoramabar (Berlin), Womb (Tokyo), Warung (Itaji), Lux (Lisbon), Fuse (Brussels), Robert Jonson (Offenbach), D’Edge (Sao Paulo), Sub Club (Glasgow), Bobbeaman (Munich), Spybar (Chicago), Coco Rico (Riccione), Stereo (Montreal), Mint Club (Leeds), Sound (LA) and Nordstern (Basel)


DEMF returns to Detroit after twelve years

The Detroit Electronic Music Festival, or DEMF, will be returning to the Motor City in 2014 after a 12 year absence, and it’s bringing another festival along with it.

DEMF will be returning to Detroit on the July 4 weekend at Detroit’s Campus Martius Plaza, and just like the original DEMF, it will be a free event.

However, at the same time Detroit will also be hosting The Federation of Electronic Music Technology (FEMT) at Ford Field. This event will also be organized by Marvin, and will feature a combination of performances and “special presentations.”

While DEMF will be a free event, tickets to FEMT will cost $300 (with VIP packages running for $1,500). Marvin said that the tickets for FEMT will essentially be funding the free DEMF event.

No artists have been yet announced for DEMF, but it has been revealed that legendary Detroit acts Underground Resistance and Cybotron will be performing at FEMT.

The original DEMF launched in 2000 and ran for three years before re-launching as Movement. This new DEMF will not be replacing the current incarnation of Movement, which still plans to take place over Memorial Day weekend in Detroit’s Hart Plaza in 2014.

(via Mixmag)


The Martinez Brothers Give Away New EP


Bronx-bred house duo The Martinez Brothers has apparently been dabbling in the world of hip-hop production as of late, electing to give away its first EP of such efforts,WARHOL*BASQUIAT, as a free download. Heavy on samples and chopped-up bits of refracted soul, The Martinez Brothers’ hip-hop stylings lean more to the Madlib side of the spectrum than, say, Lex Luger, keeping the EP jazzy at all times across its five stoned-out head-nodders. The EP also comes with some general news of the outfit’s plans for 2014, saying in the press release, “We have some big things coming up next year; we’re starting a new label, revealing our art projects, and releasing more hip-hop productions.” In the meantime, The Martinez Brothers’ WARHOL*BASQUIAT EP can be downloaded for free here.

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