Dabeull – AP6

Vibe Guide Vol. 4

Earlier today I was researching another song but shortly into it my eyes (ears) began to stray & off I went on a beautiful tangent.  This brief musical cyber journey led me to a fantastic, throwback-style track entitled “AP6″ by a Parisian producer named Dabeull.  The song title “AP6″ is a nod to 80s Prince protégés Apollonia 6 & their song “Sex Shooter”.  This style of sexy synth funk that Prince championed in the 80s will always be cool because of his affiliation with it.  “AP6″ by Dabeull proves this theory well – major sex feels on this one.

The musical tangent I went on earlier was a successful one, which not only led me to “AP6″ by Dabeull, but also led me to the fantastic compilation it appears on via The Vibe Guide.  Grab “AP6″ by Dabeull along with the rest of the hidden gems on The Vibe Guide, Volume 4.