GDD™ Morning Update: Azari & III, Porter Robinson, SBTRKT


Azari & III announce break-up: “It was heaven, it was hell, and I wouldn’t take it back if I could”
• Porter Robinson: “Main stage dance music has sacrificed musicality”
• Listen to new, untitled material from SBTRKT


Azari & III announce break-up: “It was heaven, it was hell, and I wouldn’t take it back if I could”

Azari & III, the Canadian quartet who made their name with house/disco scorchers like Reckless (With Your Love), have called it a day. According to post on the Facebook page of band member Alphonse Alixander Lanza III, the Azari & III project has “runs its course”.

“Ladies and gentleman, boys and girls, the art project known as AZARI & III has done its work, run its course and is, for all intents and purposes, a momentary blip in time, now forever imprinted on the Universe,” Alphonse wrote. “Our recent EP entitled Extinction Event was just that, an extinguishing of the flame and a bird into the fire of blissful, eternal oblivion. It was heaven, it was hell, and I wouldn’t take it back if I could. Now comes the Aeon of the Phoenix, which rises from the flames impervious. Long live the new flesh.” While the writing seems to be on the wall, there’s not yet been any official break-up announcement from Azari & III HQ.

Formed in 2008, the group made waves with their early singles Reckless (With Your Love) andHungry For The Power, before dropping their debut self-titled album in 2011 on Tiga’s Turbo label. In 2012, the group hit Australia as part of the Future Music Festival tour, joined by like-minded types Hercules & Love Affair, The Juan Maclean and Holy Ghost!. In 2013, they’ve kept busy with dates at international festivals like Kazantip, Sonar and Detroit’s Movement, as well as dropping a remixed version of their Azari & III album.

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Porter Robinson: “Main stage dance music has sacrificed musicality”


In a new interview, American producer Porter Robinson has explained why he’s taking his music in a new direction.

The big room star will release his debut album early next year, but it might not contain the bold bangers you might expect from Robinson.

“I wanted to do something that felt beautiful and emotional and that felt nostalgic. I think it sort of employs the pretty vibe of the last couple songs I put out, like ‘Language’ and ‘Easy,’ but I wanted a vintage sound. Something that was a little more lo-fi-inspired,” he told Billboard’s Code. “It has a bunch of weird tempos that dance people aren’t really doing. There’s no DJ-friendly intro and outro. It’s meant to be listening music. It’s not a party record at all.”

After Avicii stated that “Originality is missing from EDM”, Robinson is the latest star to switch up his style in attempt to diversify his output.

“In the last couple years, there was definitely a moment where I got excited about DJing, but I feel like as this world of high energy Main Stage dance music has gotten bigger, it’s sacrificed musicality to be very functional on the dancefloor,” he also said.

So, Porter’s first LP should be an interesting affair. Especially as he’s following his heart: “I decided to do something honest and something that I actually love.”

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Listen to new, untitled material from SBTRKT


Masked London producer SBTRKT has shared a new track and video on YouTube.

The percussion-heavy piece of audio, which follows the upload of ‘IMO’ in September, arrives with a monochrome video created by artist Lorenzo Durantini.

Since the release of his ‘Live’ album earlier this year, the DJ and producer, real name Aaron Jerome, has had a relatively quiet 2013 with no further official material being released.

He heads to Miami on December 7 for Basel Castle 2013 alongside Chance The Rapper, Gesaffelstein, Brodinski and more.

Listen to and watch the visuals for SBTRKT’s new, untitled material below.

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