[GOING BACK] Lowfish – fatBlex

Going Back is a new feature I am installing today with the intent to shine a light on electronic music throughout the ages. With dance music finding itself in a colossal boom in recent times, it’s important to remember where many of these sounds came from and where some of your favorite producers got their initial inspirations.

With that short introduction, I’d like to utilize this first edition of Going Back to remember Lowfish‘s “fatBlex” from the timeless album, Eliminator, out on Suction Records in 2000. Relying heavily on his precious 808, Toronto’s Gregory de Rocher AKA Lowfish had a purist attitude when recording this second LP, doing away with his sampler and calling upon influences from multiple decades to create a natural, melodic electronica sound that has no timestamp (for proof of timelessness, see Purple’s latest mix for Diplo on BBC Radio 1xtra last week).

With this quote from his biography, it’s so easy to tell how much production has changed in electronic music — “The weapons of choice are what they have been from the start – semi-operational analog synthesizers, temperamental drum machines and scratchy recording gear.” There’s an element of soul and life in “fatBlex” and Eliminator that demands respect, and we feel that.

Listen to “fatBlex” above and pick up Eliminator on Beatport.

Hopefully you’ve enjoyed this first edition of Going Back. I’ll come back to you next week with another tune dug up for your nostalgic pleasure.