GDD™ Morning Update: Azari & III, Crosstown Rebels, Anna Lunoe, Storm Queen/MK


• Listen to Azari & III‘s new EP on Get Physical’s YouTube
Crosstown Rebels present Day Zero: Year One
Anna Lunoe: “$1.45 is not a lot to pay for a song”
• Morgan Geist’s Storm Queen project and MK are set to be #1 in the UK singles chart


Listen to Azari & III’s new EP on Get Physical’s YouTube

Azari & III have released a new EP on Get Physical and have made it available to stream in full.

Titled ‘Lost Express’, the five-track release contains three original tracks as well as remixes of ‘Extinction Event’ by Robert Hood and Swedish producer Tiger Stripes.

Although they compiled a mix for Get Physical’s Body Language series last month and the remix album for their debut LP came out in February, this is their first new music release since 2011’s self-titled album on Loose Lips Records.

You can listen to the first track from the ‘Lost Express’ EP below and stream the rest on Get Physical’s YouTube channel.

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Crosstown Rebels present Day Zero: Year One

dayzero-yearone (1)

Continuing on from last year’s launch which highlighted the end of the Mesoamerican Long Count calendar Day Zero, Crosstown Rebels, announces next year’s event.

Day Zero: Year One will return on 11 January 2014 presenting a selection of electronic artists at Playa Del Carmen, Mexico, on the tropical Caribbean coast.

The festival’s line-up includes Magda and Tiga and will feature DJ sets from Simian Mobile Disco and Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs.

Damian Lazurus, Crosstown Rebels and Day Zero founder, will return with a sunrise session, naturally.

Set in the mystical jungle setting, among three Mayan pyramids and two lakes, the event will also welcome a broad selection of alternative performances, workshops and astronomy classes over 18 hours.

To find out more about the festival and to purchase tickets visit the website here.

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Anna Lunoe: “$1.45 is not a lot to pay for a song”


There’s no doubting 2013 has been a nonstop year for Sydney-bred, L.A.-based Anna Lunoe. In between a very busy roster of shows, Lunoe’s graced the stage at Miami’s Ultra Music Festival, supported cool dude The Weeknd on his big North American tour, signed to label juggernaut Ultra Music and dropped the killer new single Breathe.

That last notch on the belt, though, hasn’t been without it’s irritations. This afternoon, Lunoe took to Facebook for a lengthy post about the price of music. The crux of the argument? In the scheme of things, paying $1.45 for a track shouldn’t be that big of a deal. It’s a very-nicely-put post, so we’ll let Anna take it from here:

“So last night I posted a pretty impulsive statement about how people who think it’s unreasonable to pay $1.45 for a song shouldn’t be able to hear it. I wrote it after I had had a run of people quite aggressively complaining about paying $1.45 to buy my song on iTunes and I was frustrated. But my post wasn’t very explanatory and some people misinterpreted what I meant. I decided to take it down because I was at dinner with friends and I didn’t want to spend all night on my phone explaining what my point was, but I would like to clear it up now. If you still disagree with me then that is fair enough!

Everyone expects art and music to be free now. It’s understandable in a way, as we are flooded with so much music, and you can rip anything online. Plus you hear how Afrojack made 10 billion dollars last month so why should you pay for it? I have happily given away a lot of my music free on this page, but when people are writing to me angrily about spending $1.45 on a song that they want, something needs to be said.

With months of hard work aside, making and marketing music is NOT free for an artist. To get our music to you, we need record labels to believe in us, and help pay for the cost of recording music and creating videos. Even with the label’s help, a lot of the cost comes out of our own pockets. The label is making the most of that $1.45, but if our fans choose not to pay it, record labels simply cannot afford to develop us.

At the end of the day I guess it comes down to what is important to you. Personally I love making music, and this is not about being greedy… BUT diversity in the music landscape is hugely important to me. If you think you might like to be exposed to music other than songs aimed at the top 40, would like to one day be an artist yourself, or perhaps you’d like to have a job in a creative industry, then you would probably agree that $1.45 is not a lot to pay for a song at all.

To those who support my music, thanks! I hope to bring you lots more of it.”

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Morgan Geist’s Storm Queen project and MK are set to be #1 in the UK singles chart


Storm Queen (a.k.a. Morgan Geist) and MK are #1 in the UK midweek singles charts.

Now, we know house music is currently infiltrating the UK charts like nobody’s business, and America and EDM are still in their honeymoon period, but take a step back and think about that:Morgan Geist and MK are set to be number one in the charts.

Morgan Geist, for some context, was one half of New York duoMetro Area, revered by the dance music underground for their ground-breaking self-titled singles released between 1999 and 2007 (their debut album, Metro Area, also ranked high in FACT’stop 100 albums of the 2000s). MK is another hero of the dance music underground, coming up in Detroit in the late 1980s before transforming the way people thought about remixes in the 1990s with his MK Dubs. He’s enjoyed chart success before, but working as a producer for artists like Pitbull and Shakira; never in his own right – that looks set to change this week, however, with his remix of Storm Queen’s ‘Look Right Through’ (originally from 2010, but re-released this year by Defected / Ministry of Sound) leading Eminem and Rihanna’s ‘Monster’ in the midweeks.

Like Future might say (if, you know, he was into house), they deserve it.

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