GDD™ Morning Update: Jamie Jones, Matthew Dear, SFX

Jamie Jones returns with Hot Creations EP
Matthew Dear preps Audion compilation; listen to new track ‘Motormouth’ now
SFX Entertainment acquires Made Event


Jamie Jones returns with Hot Creations EP

Jamie Jones has a new EP coming on Hot Creations very soon.

‘Planets, Spaceships’ contains four tracks, with the title cut featuring the vocals of Daniela Caldellas from Digitaria, who has an album forthcoming on Hot Creations in early 2014.

To maintain an air of mystery the rest of the EP has not been shared, apart from the titles which are ‘Cookie Monster’, ‘Starp Trek’ and ‘Stick’.

The EP is currently scheduled for a vinyl and Beatport release on November 18 and the iTunes release will come at the slightly later date of December 2.

Listen to a preview of ‘Planets, Spaceships’ featuring Digitaria below.

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Matthew Dear preps Audion compilation; listen to new track ‘Motormouth’ now

The DJ/producer celebrates nearly a decade of his techno-obsessed alias with a retrospective compilation and two new tracks.

Since 2004, Matthew Dear has exorcised his dancefloor demons with Audion, releasing a long string of singles and an album under the alias. The forthcoming full-length Audion X looks back at Audion’s finer (and raunchier) moments, from ‘Mouth to Mouth’ to ‘Kisses’ to ‘Titty Fuck’.

The compilation is led by new tracks ‘Motormouth’ (below) and ‘Sky’, and will precede a new Audion album and an accompanying A/V tour planned for 2014. Audion X is due out via Ghostly’s Spectral Sound imprint on December 9; the cover and tracklist follow.

For more Audion, man-of-the-moment Breach recently tackled Tiga and Audion’s self-explanatory ‘Let’s Go Dancing’.

01 Motormouth
02 Sky
03 Cloth (Just a Couch)
04 Mouth to Mouth
05 Noiser
06 Look at the Moon
07 Fred’s Bells
08 Billy Says Go
09 Kisses
10 The Pong
11 Titty Fuck
12 It’s Full of Blinding Light
13 I Am the Car
14 Just Fucking
15 Your Place or Mine
16 Wield
17 Just Me
18 Taut

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SFX Entertainment acquires Made Event

SFX Entertainment has purchased Made Event.

A huge force in the field of large-scale event promotion, SFX has had a busy year dipping its toes into the world of dance music; in February, you may recall, they bought Beatport for just north of $50 million

Made Event, founded and run by Mike Bindra and Laura De Palma, has been working on events in New York for years. Their main endeavor in recent times has been Electric Zoo, the three-day festival held yearly on Labor Day weekend in New York City. 

In an announcement posted to Made Event’s website, they emphasized that the team behind Electric Zoo wouldn’t be changing after the acquisition. “Although Electric Zoo will continue to be developed by the same team that has been on board since its inception, being part of something larger provides us with many new opportunities, like exciting technology that will improve the festival experience both online and at our events, creative collaboration with other SFX companies, and bringing Electric Zoo to new locations around the globe.”

In a separate statement on the purchase, SFX chairman and CEO Robert F.X. Sillerman described Bindra and De Palma, as “the ultimate industry professionals,” and said that they plan “to develop the Electric Zoo brand internationally and have the opportunity to build other SFX brands in the U.S. with the support of Mike, Laura and the team at Made.”

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