Last Chance To Go HARD This Weekend! Our Top 5 Reasons To Attend

As if Halloweekend couldn’t get any more action packed, Day of the Dead as presented by HARD is a mere day away. Returning this year in two day fashion with even more heavy hitters on the bill than years past, this years festival will be another ground breaking year for its patrons. With Day Two completely sold out, your opportunity to be apart of this years history is rapidly fading away! Saturday single day, as well as two day passes, are moving quick as the window of opportunity narrows. Check out our top 5 reasons for attending and join us as we burn Los Angeles to the ground at LA State Historic Park this weekend.

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1. Dia De Los Muertos
Hands down the most underrated holiday on the calendar. Not only do you get to celebrate the lives of those no longer with us, but you get to honor their souls by being alive and dancing in the middle of Downtown Los Angeles surrounded by skyscrapers thousands of other people in the exact same mindset as you, not to mention all the ghosts getting down next to you.

2. Giorgio Moroder
The godfather…of godfathers, the master of the vocoder, the grandfather of modern dance music, is here, in Los Angeles, to play for you a once in a lifetime performance that will include his originals combined with LIVE vocoder-ing. Not necessarily a DJ set as much as a show, a show that will forever be ingrained in your brain as the music that your parents used to gig out to, which then inspired your taste in music, graces your ears for one night.

3. Food Trucks
Who in their right mind doesn’t love food trucks…hands down the best part of city living, available for your raving consumption at fairly reasonable prices. The slimiest, fry-iest, grimiest of street culinary art to nom on while your ears get blasted by Skrillex, Calvin Harris, Nero, and Boys Noize. Oh my.

4. Costumes
Ravers wear some pretty ridiculous stuff…and I rarely partake, actually I never partake. But the combination of Halloween, Day Of The Dead, and a rave opens up some pretty awesome opportunities for what you can feel comfortable wearing to a rave. Not to mention how scandalous girls have been getting this year with their Halloween costumes, throw a little bit of rave in there and you have a recipe for some sight seeing more incredible than the city itself.

5. The Sound
HARD has come to be known for their edgy electronic lineups that push the boundary of awesome as the years go by, but their HARD Haunted/Day Of The Dead festivals bring out the best in the electronic community. Maybe it’s something in the season as the night takes over the days that provides such a perfect home for their lineups, but it seems like every underground/chart topping DJ in the world has found a way to fit this years festival into their schedule.