Samo Sound Boy – Your Love [EP + Video]

Samo Sound Boy, along with his label Body High, is an indispensable asset to LA’s dance culture and generally the world of dance music in itself. Bringing all of the originality, honesty, and quality of the underground scene and none of the surliness and elitism that it oft comes with, Samo and Body High continue to curate and create what can simply be described as cool shit.

By the way, Samo + Jerome LOL are playing a party in Hollywood tonight. You should go.

Samo’s most recent EP is the latest on Body High, and it’s as much hot fire as the lady behind the pitched down croons of ‘Your Love’ on the title track, if you know what I mean. ‘Your Love’ is acid-dripped, beautiful and haunting, strangely energetic yet calmly melodic at the same time. The twist of analog programming with modern vocal cuts makes this something that’s almost… meditative techno? How is that even possible?

The B side “The Ride” is straight up dark fairy-tale techno, I seriously am having very strong visuals of this. Like if the Grimm Brothers made techno to their darker stories, this is what it would sound like. The EP ends with a brilliant remix from the ever-fulfilling wünderkid that is Shlohmo, who takes “Your Love” to to a smokey and more transient place, something signature for Shlohmo’s work. His remix is as if he created something from the shadows of the original track, a talent I can appreciate on a wholly separate level.

Following the release last week was a music video for the title track, and it’s weird and sexual and has girls in body suits and a Body High poster and it’s pretty much everything you’d hope for from a Samo Sound Boy music video.