GDD™ Interview w/ Yuksek — Private Label this Friday

GDD™ favorite, Yuksek, will be heading across the Atlantic this week to kick off a 5-date North American mini-tour, with a DJ set alongside fellow Frenchman, DJ Falcon, at Private Label in Hollywood this Friday. As Pierre has launched his new label Partyfine this year and rumors have floated around about a new album in the works, we wanted to have a quick chat with the producer ahead of his set here in Los Angeles. Read on…

Gotta Dance Dirty™: Thanks for taking some time with us Pierre, it’s great to have you back in LA this week. What’s your favorite thing about coming to Los Angeles? Will you have any time to enjoy the city while you’re here?

Yuksek: Not too much time on this trip but usually I like to chill around Venice, I also like to drive in the hills and have a little walk with the view around the old military base, and meet some friends around Silverlake.

GDD™: Tell us a little bit about your newly-founded label, Partyfine. Do you have a specific vision for the imprint?

Yuksek: I created Partyfine to release and produce the music I like, from indie to electronic, disco, club music. It’s also a way to help new artists to finish songs, or to improve their sound, my studio is the heart of the label, everything and everyone come through. We also want to create an original graphic environment. At the moment we only released digital EPs but we’re gonna release proper physical objects, records and goodies and of course launch our website, with many surprises. I really see the label as an eco-system, some musical artists that collaborate with mixers, remixers, producers who work themself with other people and visual artists, designers, it’s really exciting.

GDD™: We read that you are producing and mixing every release on Partyfine, which is an impressive feat for a label head. Would you say that your studio in Reims is an integral part of the sound of your label?

Yuksek: Yes, and it’s one of the main reasons why I’ve launched Partyfine. Last year I produced many artists’ albums or songs for other labels, so I thought I could do it for my own too!

GDD™: Your collaboration project with Stephen is one of my all-time favorite dance music power groups. Can we expect to hear more Peter & The Magician releases any time soon?

Yuksek: Hopefully! Stephen is kinda busy with his new single release but we’ve planned a session in November, so more to come for sure…

GDD™: I saw on Twitter last week that you’re starting work on a new album, your 3rd to date. What is your creative process for putting an album together? Do you have a rough idea of the sound, number of tracks, collaborations, etc when you begin, or does it come together organically as you continue to work on it?

Yuksek: No, usually I start from the hundreds of little projects I’ve created before on my computer while on tour or at home, I play with this like a big sound puzzle and at the end things come together and start to make me decide on the mood. But for this one I started with one song that sounds like a good intro for the album, so I start from track one and try to build it in order. I’m not sure yet about the collaborations, I’ll try to have a global vision of the album first.

GDD™: And finally, can you give us any hints of new music you’ll be playing for us on Friday night?

Yuksek: I usually don’t really decide what I play before the set but we have exciting new songs from the next Partyfine EPs, and a bunch of old school disco stuff…

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