GDD™ Exclusive: Trent Cantrelle – Marquee Minimix + Interview

Over the past decade and beyond, the recent signee on Steve Angello’s underground-leaning X label, Trent Cantrelle, has been building a reputation not only as an artist with style and integrity, but also as an impresario with his popular parties such as his “Sounds Like” series. He follows up on his latest single, “Born” with Stacy Barthe, to bring us an exclusive Marquee Minimix featuring half an hour of house music handpicked with sophisticated taste. Listen/download the mix below.

Additionally, we were able to chat with Trent about releases on X, how he utilizes his parties artistically, his thoughts on losing the term “deep house,” and more. Check out the interview after the jump and if you’re in NY, see him live this Friday at Marquee NY.



Gotta Dance Dirty: What do you like to drink?
Trent: Lots and lots of coffee..

GDD: What have you been up to recently?
Trent: Writing a lot of music mainly. Also, this summer I started a new weekly here in the city called Sounds Like Sundays which has been going amazing!

GDD: Your latest single, “Born,” marks your second release on Steve Angello’s X label. Why did you choose to go with X rather than a label with more of a history in underground styles?
Trent: I never approach working with a label with wether the style is underground or not. I first look for the machine behind the label. After meeting with Steve about working with X, seeing the team and structure he has in place, I knew what he was putting together would be the real deal. Given the fact it is a new label, I have the unique opportunity of helping write the labels history. Sometimes being on a well established label with years of existence, an artist can somehow get lost in the shuffle and become just another spoke in the wheel. There is also an entire new generation of electronic music fans that have yet to discover the more underground side of this music. X provides a nice platform to help expose some of this new generation starting to make the switch.

GDD: Tell us about your top three most inspiring artists and how they’ve influenced your music.
Trent: It is impossible to narrow down my influences. However, in the DJ world there are a few that stick out:
Danny Tenaglia is probably the most influential as a DJ. His marathon sets and unique style of crowd control has always captivated me. I would be lying if I did not include Carl Cox. Another DJ who has perfected the art of crowd control. Also Sven Vath has been a huge inspiration in the way I approach DJing and productions.

GDD: You’ve been living in Los Angeles for quite a while now. How has its dance music scene evolved over the years?
Trent: It has taken over the city to be honest. Every billboard on Sunset blvd has a DJ’s face on it, which I still think is a bit weird. The scene has always been pretty big here but nothing like it is now. Its still brand new to a lot of people both young and older. It’s a very interesting time to be here since the tastes are starting to change and mature a bit. The underground is stronger than ever and only growing. I think a lot of people are finally getting tired of the champagne spraying style of clubbing which has dominated the last few years here.

GDD: You’ve been known to throw some great parties such as the “Sounds Like” series. What were your motivations for putting on your own events?
Trent: Doing my own events are exactly how I started back in New Orleans. Over the summer we started a weekly Sunday event which I could not be happier about. I love getting to play each week in the same room. Artistically there is nothing quite like it. Being able to test new things, try new ideas and cover new ground is something that only comes with playing the same room week in and out. The only way to have complete control over every aspect is to do your own party. I highly suggest to anyone who is looking to grow as an artist. What you learn from the experience is invaluable.

GDD: What are your thoughts on deep house penetrating the US market?
Trent: I think its more about quality house starting to penetrate. It seems people call it deep house since compared to the EDM people are normally use to, its much deeper. Its a sign this new generations tastes are starting to change and develop. I think we need to lose the term “deep house”, and just call it “good music”.

GDD: As an industry veteran, where do you think the dance music scene is headed?
Trent: I think with the over commercialization, the crowds will keep moving towards the more underground side of things. It’s the natural progression. Dance music is here to stay. Much like hip hop and rock, it is now part of our culture and society.

GDD: What can fans expect of your Marquee NY set this Friday?
Trent: Some fun grooves that fit the night.. I never know what I will play before walking into a room.. So in essence, its up to the crowd and where they feel like going that night.

GDD: What’s next for Trent Cantrelle?
Trent: About to relaunch my label Sounds Like with a slough of new material. Also, touring as much as possible.


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