The Dirt #133: Laura D. + OH Doyle

Thank god it’s Friday night cus I ju-ju-just GOT PAID! Just kidding I never get paid on Fridays but whatever cus it’s still FRIIIIIIDAYYYY!!! PUMP UP THE JAMS! Me and the Doyle-ster got 10 free tunes for your listening pleasure, hopefully whatever you’re into (ahem, musically) this’ll help liven up your weekend. Get to booty-shakin, head-bopping, hip-griding, whatever it is you do. Preferably don’t twerk. -LD

If you trust us you can download the .zip files here but check out the tracks + stream / download individually after the jump.

OH Doyle’s .zip (5 Tracks)
Laura D’s .zip (5 Tracks)


• Patrick Baker – Summer Lover

• Zapp and Roger – Do Wa Ditty (Thee Mike B X Geisha Twins+ DiscoSocks Remix)

• Second City – What You Need

• Sage the Gemini – Gas Pedal (Regulators Jessie White Tumblers Remix)

• A-Lister – Your Eyes Only


• BASECAMP – Emmanuel (Stwo Remix)

I don’t know who Basecamp is but Stwo’s been on my “I DIG THIS” radar since his EP on Live For The Funk. Anyway there’s some really awesome soulful male vocals on this and nice little piano bits. It’s Friday night, time to invite your lady / man friend over for some sexy time. You’re welcome.

• Heartbeat(s) – (We) Knew All Along (8prn Remix)

Really like what 8prn did with the choppy breathy cuts into the beat, a head-nodder for sure. Those weird acid lines are dope too. Cool shit man.

• 2KWTVR – Body Feelings

Woooooooooaahhhh MARIAH IN DA CLUB! MARIAH IN DA CLUB! Crazy low-end on this tune and super pitched Mariah vocals. Pretty fuckin sick. Would love to hear this on a proper club system, it bangs.

• Leatherette – Restless feat. Natasha Kmeto (Jimmy Edgar Remix)

Oh man Jimmy Edgar had me feelin a lotta types of way last night with his Boiler Room set. I think someone actually took a video of me ripping through emails in my office and like aggressively chair dancing. Whatever. This song is dope. Also get on Natasha Kmeto she’s rad.

• 2chainz – No Lie feat. Drake (Cashmere Cat Edit)

Uh I pretty much don’t do a dirt without putting some random edit of Drake on here. Cashmere Cat is more trendy than kale right now and I’m not surprised because everything he puts out is infectiously cool.